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Sharing the Headlines

First Latina Chief of Staff in the US Senate Poised to Run for US Congressional Seat

73% of the congressional seat identifies as Hispanic or Latino. Can this be a pick-up for the DCCC?

Cordial Colleagues?

US Senator Ted Cruz doesn’t endorse his fellow state colleague, US Senator John Cornyn or his US  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)  – WOW

More Women in Elected Office but Female Donors are Lagging

We’re sliding backwards in getting female donors to participate in funding campaigns.


Sharing the Headlines

It’s Friday and we’re 3 days out from the end of the QTR so this is what we’re doing in overdrive!

BGM busy getting money

Now back to the headlines!

Will we be seeing the famous pink tennis shoes on the campaign trail?

Looks like Texas State Senator Wendy Davis is going to announce her candidacy for Governor.

Mad Social Media Props to US Rep. Mark Takano and the 3-headed Monster

The first openly gay person of color to serve in the US Congress, Rep. Takano is bringing it with his mad skillz in social media.

How the Definition of a “Classic Family” Started a Pasta Boycott

The Chairman of Barilla pasta (the world’s leading pasta maker!) made a statement that he would only portray a “classic family” in their advertisements which resulted in gay activists advocating for a boycott.


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First debate for VA Governor’s race

Did you miss it? Well here’s a recap for ya.

A #Fairshot for Women

With women almost comprising half of the workforce, don’t you think we should see more of us in leadership roles? We shouldn’t be just getting by; we should be getting ahead.

Former President George H.W. Bush Supports Same Sex Marriage

He was as an official witness for a same sex marriage ceremony in Maine. We may not agree on a whole lot but this we can agree on!



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Essays on Women Rule

ruth bader ginsburg

Photo credit:

Politico, Google & The Tory Burch Foundation started an essay series written by women talking about women they admire. Here’s an essay written by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on trailblazer Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

It’s a Clinton Gore reunion

Since I’m a product of the Clinton Gore era (Fleetwood Mac’s Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow is forever ingrained in my brain), it was great to see them interviewed.

More Michelle Wus Please

I talked with Michelle Wu when she first started her campaign and it’s great to know that she made it past yesterday’s preliminary election into the general election on November 5th for an at-large position on the Boston City Council. It’s progress towards seeing more diversity and representation. It’s even better that there are others who are actual Boston residents who agree with me!

Sharing the Headlines

Not Registered to Vote? Well, Today is a Great Day to Do It!

Celebrate National Voter Registration Day by registering to vote or getting someone to vote. All the cool kids are doing it.

Because Women Rock & Rule

Join Politico, Google & the Tory Burch Foundation when they kick off their first Women Rule event on Thursday, Sept 26th.

Selfies are for everyone, including a former US President

Who doesn’t occasionally indulge in posting a selfie? You can include former President Bill Clinton in that group too 🙂

Sharing the Headlines

Giving $800k Props to the DCCC

That’s how much more the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised than the National Republican Congressional Committee in August.

Virginia Governor’s Race sees lots of Outside Cash

A competitive race and wild west mentality brings in money from outside groups.

Hollywood in the Beltway

Congress’ approval rating might be down in the dumps but fictional DC did quite well at last night’s Emmys. 


Sharing the Headlines

Looming government shut down

Even the Chamber of Commerce thinks the government shouldn’t shut down.

Next Tuesday – time to vote!

Even with Congress’ approval ratings at an all time low, people still want to be Members of Congress (MoC). Next Tuesday starts a slew of special elections.

It’s Maryland vs Texas

As a native Marylander (I once interned for current House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer when he was Democratic Caucus Chair back in the day) if you decide to go after my home state, you should consider stepping off.

Sorry, this is not the “West Wing”

arum group campaign buttons

Have you ever worked on a campaign as a paid operative? Yes, can you believe that people get paid to talk on the phone and go door to door like a vacuum salesperson to shill for their candidate? In the recent decade we’ve seen enough episodes of “West Wing” to tell when there’s a bit of creative license but if you get a group of operatives in a room, you can certainly hear campaign stories that no one could ever think could be possible. For us old timers, campaigns didn’t have fax machines unless it had thermal paper and pagers were the way to get a hold of me if I was on the road. People might have confused me for a dealer but at least, my parents might have mistaken me for a doctor.

Technology has brought us so many more “friends” but people still trust in their real time friends to validate positions and as advocates. I recently had my house renovated and I’ve given out the name of my contractor to numerous people because I had a positive experience and would like for them to have a similar experience. This also applies to voting and choosing the best candidate. Birds of a feather flock together. Although I may have friends with differing public policy opinions and haven’t drunk the kool aid to the extent that I blindly follow, I think it matters when we get outside of the beltway to see what normal people think. The right messenger can do a world of good or bring on doubt of a candidate’s ability to represent their constituents.

Regardless of how big or small, campaigns can be exciting and are sometimes filled with drama but more often than not, it’s an organization trying to manage chaos around them. All. The. Time. Whether it’s internal or external forces that pull on the resources, campaigns are always about raising and spending those resources towards a common goal: Winning. That magical number is 50% +1.

The best part of campaigns? Talking to people! Getting feedback and using it to see who is for your candidate, who is not for your candidate, and who is still undecided. With only 3 resources to get it all done, how do you manage expectations to execute a campaign plan? What are those 3 resources you ask? Stay tuned to find out!

Tell us about your 1st volunteer/paid campaign experience. We want to know!