Sharing the Headlines

It’s Friday and we’re 3 days out from the end of the QTR so this is what we’re doing in overdrive!

BGM busy getting money

Now back to the headlines!

Will we be seeing the famous pink tennis shoes on the campaign trail?

Looks like Texas State Senator Wendy Davis is going to announce her candidacy for Governor.

Mad Social Media Props to US Rep. Mark Takano and the 3-headed Monster

The first openly gay person of color to serve in the US Congress, Rep. Takano is bringing it with his mad skillz in social media.

How the Definition of a “Classic Family” Started a Pasta Boycott

The Chairman of Barilla pasta (the world’s leading pasta maker!) made a statement that he would only portray a “classic family” in their advertisements which resulted in gay activists advocating for a boycott.


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