I’m a Fundraiser but I know the Most Important Resource

We talked a little about the chaos that can be a political campaign. We also briefly touched on the resources that every campaign should have when it’s operating.

Any idea what they are??

As a fundraiser, it’s my job to organize the money that flows into the campaign as revenue. So you’ve got at least one resource!


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What are the others? Well, you need people aka volunteers to do the myriad of tasks that need to happen for you to accomplish all the things on your to-do list.


The most important resource left for last…just for pure dramatic affect…time!

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Why is time the most important resource? It’s because you can never get it back and it’s finite. Elections are changing to where you have vote by mail, early vote etc so you don’t necessarily only have one election day but you do have a final day to vote. That final date is it. The most important piece of time is the candidate’s time. Using that resource wisely means wringing every minute to get $$ or to get votes. If you’re not accomplishing one of these 2 things then you’re wasting time.

You can always raise more money and you always recruit more volunteers but you can never get more time.

Hmmm…stop and ponder that one for a minute!

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