It’s Post Election – Time to Catch up on Sleep, Laundry, and Getting a Job (not necessarily in that order)

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As the analysis continues on Election 2013, one of my most vivid memories of wrapping up my previous campaigns was trying to clean up the office to shut it down. It was a little more euphoric if we were the winning campaign and complete drudgery if we lost. So many things that you held near and dear during campaign season lost their value the moment it was all over…”all that data that we meticulously tracked….whoosh….into the shredder!”.

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Photo used by permission: Alvina Yeh

Now’s the time to get your life back together because for real, your life was basically on pause for however many months. Probably first and foremost: getting sleep! You’ve probably been running on adrenaline and you’re about to run out. How many people got sick after the election? I’ve been fortunate to have a strong immune system so I never fell prey to the post election sniffles but one remedy is definitely getting sleep. Maybe even plan a vacation where you can get sleep!

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If you’re like me and you’re a worrywart about landing your next gig, getting a job interview is probably a priority on that post election list too. I give a lot of informational interviews and I am supposed to schedule coffee hours through my role with Democratic GAIN (sorry guys, I know that I haven’t done it yet but I promise I will!). I have suffered through many coffees (which I don’t even drink!) because the person who requested the interview was ill prepared. So let me give you tip – brush up on your networking skills because now you’re the campaign. The only candidate is you because you’re looking for a job and that itself is a job. Here’s a great article on how you can make the most of your informational interviews. Every one of the tips will make a great impression.

The aforementioned Democratic GAIN is a great resource to get tips on building a stronger resume as well as learning about trainings where you can increase your value as an operative. Check them out and most importantly, JOIN!

Now go get some sleep – you deserve it!

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