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Sharing the Headlines

cherry blossoms 2014 jefferson memorial

Since we last Shared the Headlines, we finished the 1st quarter of the election year and we’re barreling through the 2nd. Spring has finally arrived to DC and with that everyone’s more than fair share of allergies. So while everyone is making fundraising calls and trying not to sneeze on one another, here are the headlines!

In the beginning of the year, my colleague, Alvina Yeh and I organized a training for AAPI elected officials and candidates. One of the sessions was on “Leadership”. Fortunately for all of us, former President William Jefferson Clinton recently shared his views on the subject. Words to live by!

The fine folks over at The Campaign Workshop did an awesome job organizing a list of questions/criteria that people should consider when making the decision to run for office. Thanks for sharing your knowledge – so practical and real!

Thanks @richardlui for the article on how Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are moving left. The Center for American Progress did a recent study where they identified the group (my group!) to be more progressive than ever, but don’t celebrate yet Democrats (still my group!) because the Pew Research Center recently published a report that out of all of the constituency groups, AAPIs have the lowest turnout rate. What does that mean? It means we (the political establishment/community) have a lot of work to do to communicate with this group (my group) in engagement.

Which leads me to how the young(er) generation is taking the initiative to train their colleagues within the AAPI community to learn the basics of digital strategy. Although the amazing folks of The Brain Trust met their goal of raising the funds that they needed for the training, they want to give SCHOLARSHIPS to the participants. So get on over there and put in a few bucks ($10 contributions add up – ask the folks who did the grassroots fundraising for the Obama campaign).

Gird your loins, Asian Heritage Month is around the corner (the entire month of May!) so  we’ll have some fun posts on what’s happening with the numerous celebrations.

Happy Friday!