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This week kicked off #APAHAM2014 so we had a flurry of activity celebrating and reflecting on what the AAPI community has done and what it will continue to do in serving our country. It’s a reunion of sorts – people from across the country collaborating on ways that will better serve our constituency and catching up with people that you may only communicate with via email and phone. Being together IRL brings that personal connection that only weeks like these can provide. It’s been AAPI 24/7 so I’ve collected quite a few things to read!

  • In case you missed the Vice President Joe Biden at the Opening Ceremony for the start of APAHM2014, you can read about it.
  • Are you preparing to be a great leader for the 21st century? Here are a few thoughts about it from a Ted talk by Roselinde Torres.
  • In watching Mika Brzenzinksi on Morning Joe, she talks about her mom, Emilie Brzezinksi’s work as an artist, mother & wife while balancing life in DC and there’s an opportunity on June 2nd to see them in DC at Politics and Prose.

Happy Friday!

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