Tuesday Truths

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  • So last week I shared some ways you could network or at the very least, make your networking more strategic. Like any muscle, this is a skill that gets better with practice. Of course, you will have moments that will be embarrassing, laughable and moments to remember. So here’s how you can recover from the network fails (cuz it’s going to happen!).
  • One of my SHEros is the incomparable Julia Childs and her tenacity along with her entrepreneurial spirit are definitely awe inspiring. Not only did she bring French cuisine to American households, she also taught us to keep trying.
  • I often get asked about my attire (probably because I instagram my work outfits – @madalenemielke) and I often wonder where young professionals get their wardrobe advice. Here’s a primer for all levels of professional dress (men & women).
  • As a woman and person of color, I’ve faced challenges in my professional career as a political fundraiser. Inappropriate behavior can run rampant when people are removed from the confines of an office setting and sometimes, the professional space that you think you’re physically in doesn’t help the women working there either. If you think it only happens in politics (Real life isn’t exactly House of Cards) then this article about women raising money in tech will certainly make you more aware.
  • I used to think I was a runner since I ran in high school competitively and more casually in college but although I still run about 2xs a week, I’ve incorporated other exercise to alleviate stress and clear my mind to prepare for the day (I’m a morning person!). These female candidates talk about their fitness regiment (some of them already elected) and it tells me that I might need to step up my game!
  • Back in the day, I had a quarter life crisis due to burn out in my fundraising job – fast forward 16 years (!!) later and I have been working as a fundraising consultant at my own firm for 12 of those years. No matter what age or where you are in your career, you need to recognize burnout and address how you can manage it.

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