Tuesday Truths

there is only now

  • Getting wisdom from Hillary Clinton – “Women standing up for each other is critically important” – read excerpts from her recent interview with Glamour magazine.
  • People never believe me when I say that I’m a procrastinator – the fact is I’m a work in progress so trying to get something done without a deadline for me is bad news bears. Here are more tips to stop putting it off.

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  1. Christy Carter

    Hi Madalene,
    Thank you again for sharing this information, I’ve shared this blog with many people in my network and they all enjoy it as well.

    I’m ready to move up in the organization I work for – do you have any advice for someone who is applying to a higher level position at their current organization? Preferably for someone who is looking to grow from a high level assistant role to the development department, let’s say the major gifts/foundations team. This person already has relationships with people on this team.

    In the event that this person is successful, any tips on negotiating salary when the person is already an employee of the organization and both positions are housed in the same salary band?

    Thank you again for all your guidance and help!

    Christy Carter

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