Tuesday Truths

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”Chris Grosser

I’m so Type A but there are moments when even some of these habits would drive me CRAY CRAY.

Goals vs Systems and how that leads to success. Good thing I’m into having a process.

I’m always meeting people in fundraising so having them “like” me enough so that they will return my calls or even answer an email is a priority enough for me to practice these techniques. Especially since in my line of work, it’s never about me but about those potential donors!

We’re always trying to find more ways to be productive – here are even more suggestions from folks who know how to squeeze every minute for what its worth.

This Fortune magazine article says for women to get a promotion, they need a boss who has a career focused spouse. What say you?

Want to meet CIA Deputy Director Avril Haines? Well, how about a little insight on how she got to where she is today…she also owns a cafe!

Are you unhappy with your job? Here are three ideas to get you motivated to “work”.

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