Tuesday Truths

time to drink champagne

Photo credit: Time to Drink Champagne but probably not dance on the table if you’re at your office holiday party 🙂

I’m officially taking a holiday from work so if you’re doing the same, I hope you’re enjoying yourselves and if not, I hope this post is helping you get through the work day!

It’s the end of the year so that usually means resolutions and an even more determined effort to get it together for the start of the new year. My new year’s resolution (almost every year!) is to have more fun! Everyone tells me how much I work but to be perfectly honest, I think of work as fun (yeah yeah – there are definitely times when I get frustrated and want to do bodily harm but MOST of the time, I’m feelin’ pretty good with where I am in the world). Remember you’re only competing with yourself so don’t compare someone else’s story to yours. We ALL come with our own baggage and that means we also have different paths to reach our definition of success. I’m always open to improvement!

So get to reading!

  • So in that vein, I read an article about Career Choices – granted, people may not have a lot of options when it comes to making career choices. You may have been “Funemployed” for longer than you anticipated so taking a job out of necessity may be a priority because we all got bills, bills, bills but if you could decide how to move ahead in career without much consequence, these choices make a whole lotta sense!
  • There are sooooo many lists of things that successful people do everyday – really??? I would get confused making sure that I was doing everything but this list makes so much sense and it’s totally do-able. Remember success is personally defined! My biggest problem is actually the “stop planning and just do it” – Perfect is the enemy of the good 🙂
  • I like to think that I’m a good wing woman for my single female friends when we’re out and about but you should consider being a career wing”person”. So take a look around your office dynamic and see who’s got your back. They may be helping you more than you know!
  • My fellow #APIAs what do you think about why we excel in academics? I skipped a grade when I was younger, probably due to the fact that my mom used the summers to help me increase my math and reading skills. I usually hated those breaks because while the other kids were out playing and having fun, I was doing math problems but hey, I loved being the youngest person in all of my classes 😉 I may or may not have been the snotting kid in class #justsayin’
  • Why mindfulness may help you achieve your goals – living in the present may help that attention deficit.

Enjoy the holidays! If you liked the post, feel free to share and subscribe! Thanks for reading! See you in 2015!

— Madalene