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I’m looking forward to this Saturday when I get to train a magnificent group of people for one of my clients, the Virginia Leadership Institute. They’re a c(3) dedicated to encouraging more African Americans to run for elected office. As much as I *like* fundraising, I really love training. I enjoy seeing people grow into being candidates and watching them succeed. I hope by reading these articles, they also get a chance to become more aware of how they can be present for their constituents, staff and peers.

  • When I first saw this article, I noticed that the feedback in the comments section were more negative than positive and since I had yet to read the article, I didn’t know the author’s response to “Ask the Experts: My Assistant Makes My Life Harder“. My take was the same as the author’s while those who disagreed were inclined to have the assistant fired. What say you?
  • So we haven’t talked up networking in awhile. I know, it’s a love/hate topic – a muscle that we hate to exercise but have to so that we can stay employed – networking > unemployment. Here are some great ways to get into the groove or stay there. Any of these give you an “AHA” moment?
  • I work in politics so it would be expected that I understand office politics, right? It goes without saying that you will be left behind should you decide to not recognize the players in your own office situation. As a consultant, I work with a variety of clients who have their own quirks so understanding how decisions are made, how to be prepared to get positive results so that questions fall in my favor are really a matter of recognizing how things operate in those offices aka office politics. Who are the players? Who makes the decisions? Who outside the principal needs buy in so that there are allies to my vision? You may not like it but it exists in varying degrees everywhere. The faster you acclimate, the more you become a part of moving your ideas forward.
  • Need more credibility in your work life? Here are 18 ways where you can find it from within and trust me, it takes longer to gain trust then it is to lose it. Consistent positive actions goes a long way!
  • I don’t have performance reviews – YAY to having a life as a consultant, but I do have an informal version of it when I work with my staff. Here are a few tips for managers on how to tackle them as well as for those who are looking to make sure that they also benefit when sitting down with supervisors.

Thanks for reading/sharing and share any tips on the topics that have been posted!

— Madalene



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