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Thanks to all of the readers who did the survey from a couple of weeks ago! It was great to get your feedback and I’ll take your recommendations into account for writing future posts!

My current situation is that I’m in full on BGM (BUSY. GETTING. MONEY.) mode with the end of the quarter so #showmethemoney 🙂

Over the weekend, I did manage to spend a few hours with a dear friend who I’ve been fortunate to know for half of my life and it got me to thinking about when she and I would get together in college and dream of the future. I would probably tell my younger self to chill out and be slightly amazed that I accomplished my ever evolving list of goals. Why? Because I never had a plan but I did have a driving sense of ambition. Although my list of goals have changed, my curiosity continues to compel me along a path that is outside of my comfort zone and to challenge myself. There is occasion when I think about how my life would be different if I made different decisions but as I told another friend over the weekend, life is about living without regret and with the life that you’ve chosen. You can always change course or realize that you want to do something else. I had a quarter life crisis and went into a completely different industry because I thought it would be an opportunity to explore a different interest and realized that I was really a lot happier doing politics. People may judge your decisions but you’re the only person who has to live with your decisions. We make mistakes and learn from them so that we can not repeat them. Self reflection helps to shape the person that you’re meant to be. My younger self is certainly different than my current reality. I no longer have the same type of ambition that I had in my younger days and there’s only a certain amount of BS that I’m willing to take to do my job. I sometimes post articles about how comparing your story to someone’s can lead to negative results. Basing life changing decisions on what others may think can tilt your internal compass and at the end of the day, no one else is living your life but you. For the most part, I live without #FOMO because at this stage of the game, I give zero F*CKS. I know myself well enough when I’ve reached my limits. I know how to prepare so that I can be the best version of myself when necessary. This affects my decisions about getting exercise, taking clients, and recharging. I’m all for self improvement but also knowing how to maximize your energy to get to your goals in a way that works best for you is going to make the journey less bumpy.

So if you’re starting out, #hustle the game as much as you can so that it works for you and know that when you next talk to a dear friend who you’ve known for half of your lifetime that you’re going to wonder where did the time go and it’s highly likely that you’re more than going to be OK 🙂

Now onto Tuesday Truths!

  • Looking for ways that you can get ahead within your organization? Here’s 7 ways!
  • Here’s a commentary from Amy Errett, CEO and co-founder of Madison Reed in Silicon Valley on how to be a successful leader.
  • I recently met someone at a party who had a great way of introducing himself to strangers at the party. It wasn’t really what he said but the way he was able to connect with people from different backgrounds and experiences to strike up a conversation. Here’s an article that takes you through the steps but I’ve come to realize that it’s really about active listening and giving people the opportunity to talk about themselves. You’ll be talking to every stranger at the next networking event!

Thanks for reading/sharing!

— Madalene

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