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Today’s the END. OF. THE. QUARTER!!! Can you tell that I’m super excited? It can be stressful to be in full on collection agent mode but I also have a client who is also very generous in giving so I get to spread some joy to my colleagues with their clients when I let them know that I’m dropping off checks! So it’s a nice mix of giving and receiving. The end of quarter is kinda like Christmas, Lunar New Year, Birthday, and any and all celebratory events rolled into one. Plus it’s a congressional recess so that means a little bit of down time.

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A little background on the above selfie: I met up with 2 of my former staffers for drinks last week and it was a nice little reunion. These crazy kids worked at different times in my office. Chris was with me in 2007 before I kicked him out of the “nest” and encouraged him to work at the 2008 Democratic convention in Denver. Consequently, he worked for the CEO of the Convention and later worked for the SBA Administrator. At the same time, Manjiri graduated from college and I served as one of her references for the Denver Host Committee working for the CFO. Knowing that I had 2 former staffers in Denver, I suggested – OK – I mandated that they needed to meet one another. As a result, they became fast friends. I imagine that when we’re all getting on in years that they will be the #goldengirls even though Manjiri is happily married (both Chris and I were guests at her wedding) and I will need to step in to be the boss, Sophia 🙂

I share this story because I like to connect my networks when I see it appropriate. As a result, I always try to keep in touch with my former staff, volunteers I’ve worked with on different campaigns, donors that I meet in my job and making personal connections so that I can introduce people. The rule in my office is that if you have ever worked for me then you are obligated to meet anyone I ask you to meet with because politics is about giving and receiving. The altruistic version is that you’re helping people and the more “politicized” version is that people will owe you a chit. I operate in the middle – I do want to help those who have proven themselves and are eager to make a difference for more than just themselves but I also remember who I’ve helped because one day, I may need help from them. It goes both ways because if you’re in the position to where you need to ask for help, remember that you may be asked to do something in the future. That’s also why when you’re seeking help, looking for ways you can help someone indicates that you value that person’s assistance. Giving and receiving. The political circle of life.

Let’s get on with Tuesday Truths!

  • Career coaches giving their best tips on advancing your career – get it here!
  • Ever heard of Seth Godin? He’s a renown entrepreneur who has written 18 best selling books with more than 20 years of experience. If you’re going to take advice from anyone on leadership and direct marketing, it should be him.
  • Calling all future #ladyboss titleholders – looking for female mentors can be challenging but once you find someone who works with your goals, be sure to use these guidelines to help you stay on track. Also, remember them when you’ve taken on that future role.
  • I always liken politics to being in high school. I work in the call room where various Members of Congress do fundraising call time. They’re particular in where they like to sit (near the air conditioning, near a window etc..) and it reminds me of when you’re in the cafeteria sitting with the cool kids, nerds or the athletes. It pretty much is the same everywhere in politics – Members and their official offices in the House or Senate office buildings or the press room in the White House.
  • Working in politics, you see more than your fair share of losses and wins. You go on to fight another day and sometimes, you feel a little less idealistic but you keep going because you know that altruism motivates you. If you ever need a reminder, here’s 10 selfless ways to build good karma. You can be tough but you can also be kind.

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— Madalene

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