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It’s the last week before a district work period is upon us so we’re barreling our way through with fundraisers and donor meetings. Does it seem like all I ever do is raise money? Well, if your answer is “YES!” then you WIN – I’m not sure what you’ve won but consider yourself a WINNER! Let’s get cracking with Tuesday Truths:

  • I think like most people, I started my professional life with an idea of where I wanted to work and in a particular industry. I aligned my beliefs with working in my industry but as I have gotten older, I’ve started thinking more of how what I do affects my purpose of life. As a believer in creating your own luck, I think it’s also a result of your ability to control your “destiny”.
  • If you’re having challenges with work, it may be because you need to remind yourself of what motivates you. I pulled back on some of my projects because I realized that I was spending too much time doing things that didn’t maintain a spark in my career. Read about the science of finding that motivation.
  • My life is always about deadlines and to an extent, it’s about dealing with procrastination. My friends/colleagues would probably say differently, but I’m a BIG procrastinator. I’ve used a lot of these techniques to mentally prepare for the onslaught of deadlines and thinking of triage. Do any of these methods help you?
  • I’ve come to learn through my interns who happen to be business school majors that they learn about thank you letters but those in other programs, aren’t necessarily taught to write them. So for those who may need to brush up or just outright learn some business etiquette, we’ve got exactly 19 ones for you.
  • As much as I advocate for doing business as usual or at the very least understanding what is considered “the norm”, it’s great to see people who are innovative in breaking through the endless white noise. Check out Nina Mufleh and her creative way to get her resume noticed by Airbnb’s CEO. Which also reminds me about Lindsay Blackwell and how she used her social media network to get noticed for a job announcement at the U. of Michigan.
  • As a woman who has professional and personal goals, I feel that my definition of “having it all” is different from anyone’s goals for themselves or even what they may think it may be for me. So when asking yourself, “Is it possible?” really think about what your definition is and not compare it to someone else’s.

Thanks for reading/sharing!

— Madalene


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