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It’s the beginning of another May and luckily for me, it’s Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage month! I’m fortunate to work with my community so that we can have more representation and for others to better understand that AAPIs are also an integral part of the fabric that makes all of us American. So if you didn’t know about AAPI Heritage month, here are a few places where you can learn more about the trailblazers who have helped to make this nation more diverse, culturally richer, and my community proud.

The Library of Congress has a great section to honor the achievements of the AAPI community.

Buzzfeed did a great pictorial of their AAPI staffers showing what it means to be AAPI.

Along with AAPI Heritage month, it’s the 40th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon, otherwise known as Black April (April 30, 1975). NPR did a series of stories that chronicles the lives of American soldiers and where they lived – this story talks about a refugee family’s transition to San Diego. PBS honored the anniversary by airing “Last Days in Vietnam”, a documentary based on the accounts of a NBC reporter and a US Army Captain.

The Smithsonian has a wonderful AAPI Center where you can learn more of the AAPI experience (it’s diverse and complex) so there is always so much to learn.

**We’re on to additional Tuesday Truths!**

  • Remember when I talked about my life being in constant triage? When I’m trying to tackle a tough deadline/project, I try to remember these steps to get my mind in gear. I procrastinate like everyone else!
  • If you’re looking for more work/life balance, it boils down to managing choices. My priorities are exercise and sleep. I try to work out 4-6xs a week because I know that it reduces my anxiety and stress level. I also know that I need to sleep so that my brain functions efficiently. If I don’t get enough sleep, my ability to be coherent and articulate greatly decreases. I can both see and feel the affects of lack of sleep pretty quickly. My priorities are different than your priorities and my goals are different than yours. Some people know that I have taken voice lessons throughout my life, and occasionally I get asked if I’m still taking them and I haven’t made them a priority to make time in my schedule to take lessons. So I can’t lament that I haven’t done it because I’ve made a choice to not move other things off my calendar to make it a priority. It may seem like a it’s an unconscious decision but when I put other choices in front of others, I’ve really made a decision to pursue that particular goal, unspoken or not.
  • One way to get to your goals can be to take whatever small step is necessary for change. This seems to be directly related to getting your mental game ready for tackling that big deadline/project. Those small steps can turn those accomplishments into grand plans.
  • Networking is really never about you because the more you can connect with others willing to tell their own stories; the more you will be remembered. If you’re new to the process, here are a few things you can try. One thing I tire of but know that I must do all the time is to get my own story refined. It’s a terrific way to practice your pitch and refine your brand.
  • Summer internship time is about to start (in some offices they’re on their 1st wave already!) so if you are starting on the Hill or work with staff, here’s a great primer to help get that wardrobe question of “What do I wear?” that is also appropriate out of the way!
  • With networking on the brain, some readers asked for a way to get together in DC. So meet me on Tuesday, 5/26 from noon – 1:30pm at Le Pain Quotidien at Union Station for a brown bag lunch. I may even have a Special Guest with me! Drop a note in the comments so that I know to expect you and have enough space.

Thanks for reading/sharing and I hope to see you on 5/26!

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  1. Britt Dorfman

    I’m a WINner (and current WINtern) and I’ll be there! Will let you know if I can’t make it. Looking forward to it!

      1. Britt Dorfman

        I won’t be able to attend anymore, my apologies for not letting you know sooner. I hope we get to meet soon.

        1. Deborah

          I am stuck on a call! Hope to be able to make it without being too late, but apologies if it doesn’t work out.


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