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Much thanks to the incomparable Simone Ward for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk with the folks who attended the brown bag lunch last Tuesday! Simone is the DSCC Political Director and is the first African American woman to hold the position. I love that she’s breaking barriers and working towards a Democratic majority in the US Senate. If you missed her at the lunch, read her interview with National Journal! #ladyboss

We’re in high gear for fundraising – by now, I’m most likely on a plane headed to the west coast for a client fundraiser. I get a break from the crazy DC humidity and will take the opportunity to catch up with colleagues and friends for my less than 48 hour trip.

If you haven’t scheduled it on your calendar yet, you better get with the cool kids and join me for the Women’s Information network (WIN) Women Opening Doors for Women #WODW annual reception and dinners on June 11th. With 20+ different dinners to choose from with a wide range of topics, you’ll find a new group of like minded women to connect with in DC.

Hope you have a great week!

Let’s get to Tuesday Truths!

  • I feel like we’re always in networking mode and I feel it the most in the summer when interns come to town. You know the scene: people congregate with the people they already know and there are moments when it’s interspersed with people who know one of the people in conversation. What if you don’t anyone?? Do you hang out with the refreshments? Don’t fret – here’s 10 ways you can get that conversation started. “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” – just kidding!
  • When I talk about branding, I like to tell people that it’s about how you want to be remembered and to be consistent in your work so that you actively portray those descriptions. This will lead to tangible results but it requires some internal reflection. This is how you discover how amazing you are and so will everyone else.
  • I have a job that is a nice combination of work that I believe in and work that I do to pay the bills. Is it really necessary to have a job where you’re happy? Research says that it actually does matter! When I was unhappy in previous jobs, I felt disengaged and less committed to the mission of the organization. There may be times when we don’t have a choice and circumstances dictate that we stay in job where we’re not happy, but if you can make adjustments to get you to a happier workplace then it’s a win win for everyone.
  • Sometimes, I fashion myself as a private investigator because I’m always looking up potential donors – their bios, political participation etc and with the internet around, I have so many resources to figure out someone’s story. It gives me a snapshot of what this person may be interested in and what motivates them to participate. So if you ever need to do some quick research and become an “expert” on a topic or person, here’s how!
  • I try to remind myself of these tools when I’m talking to people who aren’t friends. I find that I don’t need it as much when I’m teaching/training since I’m very comfortable in the material. I also find that the way I communicate via email (in very concise sentences) is how I try to strip away excess in my verbal communication. It’s obviously a lot easier when you email because you can edit, edit, edit.
  • This article was intended for those individuals who are looking to friends and family to invest in a start up or kickstarter but I also found it pertinent for those who are running for elected office. You gotta ask for $$ and your friends and family are the early seed money investors for your campaign. It’s very similar and can be transferable to when you start your early stage of fundraising.
  • Before you can really start fundraising for your campaign, you really need to have a strong compelling narrative. The fine folks over at Campaigns and Elections┬áput together a great article on to do that – one major takeaway – it’s a not resume!

Thanks for reading/sharing – what’s been your most helpful article so far?? If you haven’t already, please subscribe!

— Madalene

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