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What a weekend! I’m sitting at the Four Seasons in Seattle having my liquid diet that mainly consists of gin and tequila (let’s hope it helps me when I eventually get on my red-eye flight back to east coast Washington). Why was this such a great weekend? I made it out west to do a fundraiser and meet with folks on a client and to conduct a training for the AAPI community, PLUS it was #Pride2015 with lots to celebrate. The training cohort was phenomenal and since I’m partial to my female sisterhood, the class was comprised of all women. Do you know how elated I am to know they there are women who are willing to lead?!! Obvi, it’s not suprising that women would take the lead but it’s so exciting when I have participants from a variety of backgrounds and ages taking steps to become better educated on the process and encouraging one another to make the leap. I see a bright future for the Pacific Northwest.

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We’re looking at the last few hours for the QTR – pray for me as I continue in collection agent mode – I might get a little cranky behind the scenes. I manage to keep my composure most of the time although my internal thoughts are similar to this clip from Entourage – LOL 😝

Excited to share Tuesday Truths!!

  • I share numerous articles on project management because these tools are helpful to me in motivating me to get my tasks completed. I hate feeling rushed so I take the opportunity to plan accordingly so that I can avoid as much of the anxiety that I associate with being rushed. Items on the to-do list can be overwhelming and fear can certainly lead to inaction but these habits can help to create an environment where you can handle a complicated project.
  • So even if you take the necessary steps to handle project management, there will be time when it still feels overwhelming. Here’s how you can take back control so that you’re in the driver’s seat.
  • I don’t have any siblings so my childhood was highlighted with lots of attention (aren’t you smart/aren’t you cute/you can do anything). As a result, I have a healthy sense of self confidence which is critical in the political business because there are lots of other people who have the same measure of self confidence and credentials. I block out the noise and compare myself throughout the years to see how the current version of me stacks up to last year’s version or my version 5/10/15 years ago. Here are a few ways you can stock up on confidence so that you can see your growth.
  • There’s been a lot of discussion of leadership and being self aware. Recognizing your leadership style or at the very least, the kind of environment you would like to have with your colleagues and managers is a start. I find that I’m a combination between a DRIVER + a DOER. I work in small teams and large ones depending on my client work so being able to understand how you fit into your teams can help with how you produce.
  • How do you voice your concerns at work? It’s a rule in my office that if there’s a conflict you need to come with solutions. I want to know how it can be solved and that you’ve taken the time to assess the situation and how it can be remedied. Whiners are not allowed!
  • Do you realize that we’ve surpassed the 1/2 year mark already??? It’s a good time for me to reflect and see where I am in my goals. I already know that I’ve given less priority on one of my goals right off the bat so I’m going to need to make adjustments to get on track. Here are 4 tips to how you can set goals that lead to success.
  • Overall I found this article to be on point with its steps on how to overcome burnout but it was a little wacky that it was sponsored by a skin care beauty line so although I try to maintain a healthy skin care routine, I’m not really sure how much it factors into achieving a more balance life – LOL – but don’t discount the other recommendations!

Alright folks – got questions you want answered or want to share any tips? Put them in the comments section!

Thanks for reading/sharing!


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  1. Christy

    Thank you for your wisdom and for the great laugh. I love the clip!! I started laughing out loud in my completely open office. 🙂


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