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I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend! I had the great fortune to spend it with 2 very close friends visiting from out of town and it reminded me how spectacular it is to have female friends who support whatever it is I’m doing. The feeling is certainly mutual and to watch the US Women’s National Team win the World Cup together was just the cherry on top.

We’ve started the 3rd Quarter and with a few weeks left before August recess, there are a plethora of events and meetings to get us through Summer! Next weekend, I’ll be conducting a Democratic Finance Directors training in DC for America’s Opportunity Fund – if you care to apply – here’s the link – so if you want to learn the technical skills to fundraise or if you’re interested in running for office, this is a MUST do training.

  • The soccer tourney was great because I got to see a few empowering commercials featuring women who ROCK! I particularly like Under Armour’s hashtag #wewillwhatwewant and I think there’s so much meaning to that mental attitude. There are certain types of people who believe that they’re fixed beings and can’t change but I come from the “make your own luck” society and those who believe in “What You Think, You Become” are members of my tribe.
  • I’m starting to feel like I’m really focused on my female readers today so guys, I hope you hang with me/us because today is really about the sisterhood that makes everything in life less chaotic. I really do believe in exalting the accomplishments of women and here are a few women who will knock your socks off – they’re so cool for just being themselves and wanting to change the world. They’re awesome role models not just for women but for everyone!
  • I’m really digging the Hill Navigator’s column! In this one she’s talking about how you choose between policy or communications. My experience is a little different with communications and fundraising. I’ve had friends/colleagues who made the transition and my words of caution remains the same – fundraising is a dreaded task and if you’re good at it, you’ll always have a job and people will want you to stay in that field so you need to be dedicated to overlooking any finance opportunities because those will be plentiful and you know, you gotta pay those bills so hold out for the communications position that will come later in the cycle.
  • I’ve had a lot of friends who are or were unhappy in their positions and attitude in the workplace is very much related to productivity. If you’re not recognized for your talent, why waste it at a place that thinks you’re replaceable? Although, the caveat for me is that I always think I’m replaceable since I feel that is the nature of the beast of politics but moving on. So putting that aside, this list talks about how the habits one needs to display for getting promoted, but I also see it as a checklist for the environment one needs to actually exhibit these habits! Use it for your own checklist before you take a job because if the work environment allows you to grow, it will allow you to also get promoted!
  • With the summer in full swing, I do a lot of information interviews with interns (those who are still in college), entry level staffers (who may have recently graduated within the last few years) and brown bag lunches with a mix of people. I get that at this point in one’s professional career that there is uncertainty with the kind of career one wants. There are lots of questions of “If I go this route, can I switch over to something?” and as much I don’t view myself as a guidance counselor, I do understand that the decision for a career can be overwhelming. Here are a few ways you can check that uncertainty and make a few decisions on your own.
  • I’ve been in campaign environments where there were yellers – loud, profane infused yelling directed to individual(s) for their mistakes and I wear my time with those yellers as a badge of honor, however I haven’t taken to that method in my own office. Yes, I do yell and do use a lot of profanity but it’s never directed to anyone in my office. I’m usually just yelling into the air about a situation or circumstance and figuring out how I can remedy it. Those who have worked in my office know that I’m at my most dangerous when I’m quiet. My tone and demeanor when giving criticism is one of a level headed person but sometimes it causes tears because the general feeling is that my staff has let me down. I don’t think I place that pressure on them but they feel it because they know that we are a team and when mistakes happen, I take responsibility for them as well because I didn’t train my staff well enough to get the task done correctly. I genuinely respect my staff because I want them to learn and I want to learn from them (although I did have one former staffer give me “The Devil Wears Prada” dvd as a gift one year – were they trying to tell me something?). Offices that don’t have civility can create more stressful work environments and it makes a difference on the staff’s work performance. It really does count to be nice!

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