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We’ve started another month and as I get ready to jet out west, I can’t help but think that we’re going to be in full on campaign mode once we return for September! Since I’m a sef-proclaimed nerd, I really enjoyed returning from vacation to start school so Fall has always been my favorite time of year (see, I told you that I’m a nerd). I’m scheduled for a bit of down time so when I get back to the crazy, I’ll be re-charged and ready with new ideas so that I can get to Beast BGM (Busy. Getting. Money.) mode. Hope you’re taking the necessary steps to get some relaxation time onto your calendar.

Here’s to Tuesday Truths!

  • All of us need tips or even a refresher to keep our conversations from going stale. It helps to see where you may need improvement and how you can remedy it. Conversations can come naturally if you’re willing to actively listen and willing to make connections.
  • Living in DC, we get a lot of the same questions about “what we do” and sometimes, the frequency of that question may make you think that’s how you should define yourself. For too many years, I wanted to be taken seriously and thought that my choice of profession would help in making me more of an adult. Now that I take myself less seriously, I know that I have a lot more attributes to my life than my work (yay!) and giving myself the room to define myself how I see fit.
  • I am often asked how did I decide to go out on my own and start my consulting firm. First, I had a mental shift with my work. The organization I was with was going through a transition and I needed to decide if I was staying, going someplace else or get out completely. I couldn’t think of a job that I wanted so I thought really hard of what I wanted. In all honesty, I knew what I didn’t want – and that tangible thing was I didn’t want a boss. So if you’re thinking about going solo, here are a few questions you can ask yourself before you take the leap.
  • When you think about the amount of money being spent on the 2016 cycle, it’s a whole lotta moolah – especially in the race for the White House. Most people think we should fear the corporations with the loosening of election law, but it’s really a small elite group of individuals and their families (fewer than 400 families!) that are determining how money plays a dominant role in these elections.
  • In the “thrill” of politics, we can sometimes get swept away with the emotion that comes with fervent rhetoric and that may lead to political hate – you can read more about how that can be defined and how we can stop it. Don’t you want to have more of a discussion of ideas in a civilized way? It may not bring ratings or energize a segment of a population, but maybe we can get more people involved in how they can shape their own futures. Am I getting a little too idealistic here?!!?
  • Every boss is quirky – we come with baggage, expectations that are crazy high, and we want you to be able to read our minds – well, no problem – you’ve got this! I’ve had associates in my office who totally get me and those associates do really well because they’ve figured out how my brain works and what I’m likely to ask each and every day/week because they understand what I’m obsessed about in my routine. They knew how to anticipate and they knew what I needed before I even realized it. The more you can identify these items in your boss’ life, you’ll find that you’re really managing them without them really knowing it. It’s like having a mind meld.

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— Madalene

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