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All sort of fun this week with fundraisers and call time as we race towards the September 30th filing. I’m also excited to be speaking on a panel about Women in Politics later in the week. Any tidbits you care to share that I can pass along?

Here’s Tuesday Truths!

On any day of the week there are a bajillion networking events happening in DC. We have networking tips from experts for days but this is an absolute must read. When people ask me about my favorite networking tip, I always advocate for being helpful. I always remember those people I meet who want to help me with my projects and when I’m meeting someone, I see where we have synergy to work on programs int he future.

When reading this article, it really resonated with me because one of the things that people say about my work personality is that I’m nice. Donors mention it to me; clients talk about my style in working in teams; past staff have used it as a model to motivate their donors to action; it’s the same attitude I carried with me when I was a manager of a James Beard winning restaurant. I have such great role models such as the formidable Lindy Boggs, a leader raised in the South who also understood the aura of being a strong woman. My being nice doesn’t mean that I’m a pushover. Actively listening helps me to better understand what motivates the people I’m working with in any situation. Using that information allows me to¬†use all the tools available. This builds a better relationship because trust is established and everyone wants everyone to win.

Having tough conversations is all part of becoming a manager or a member of leadership. Remember when we talked about being nice? Learning to have these conversations can make for a better working environment even in the toughest of situations.

One of the most challenging things about branding is that it’s a lot of internal reflection. I’ve done workshops on it and every time I feel the participants are looking at me thinking that I would have the answers for their brand. If you hire me, then yes I will have answers to your brand, but if I’m talking about the process in which YOU create your brand, then you’re going to have do some serious reflection. I’ve shared step-by-step articles, infographics to better visualize the process and I’m adding this article because ultimately, it’s always about your narrative that creates your brand. I do this all the time with candidates and when they talk with me, I always ask – “what’s your story?” and it’s not a list of the who, what, where, when variety. Know your story and be proud of it!

So now that you have your narrative, you can write an About Me page on your webpage or your LinkedIn. Here are tips that you can use to create a page that reads like it’s about you and not some random person that has your picture on it.

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions because I’m always thinking about improvement throughout the course of the year. I’ve always like to say that my New Year’s resolution is to have more fun! I like to think that we always have room for a fresh start regardless of the time of year. Are you need of one? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself as you prepare to make changes.

As we’re getting into campaign season and for those who are moving into GOTV (YAY to almost E-Day!), we can always use tips for self care and to better manage the chaos that happens on campaigns. Here’s a great checklist for those campaign managers who are starting the cycle and have November 8, 2016 as their target date.

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