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Tuesday Truths 2015 edition v47

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It’s an abbreviated week with the Thanksgiving holiday and I want to thank you, the readers for your support throughout the year. I hope that you find the posts helpful in your journey, both personally and professionally. Having you as part of the Arum Group/Tuesday Truth community has been fulfilling in my endeavor to create a forum that shares ideas and best practices. Thank you for reading/sharing/subscribing and for spreading the word about the blog. May you have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to sharing more Tuesday Truths in the weeks/months/years to come.

Let’s get rolling!

  • The holidays can be a time of great loneliness and sometimes you need to remind yourself that you can take control of your life. It takes a great deal of mental fortitude to keep striving forward. Self reflection and a purpose are just the beginning to get you into a positive mental state. Here are 7 ways you can take the wheel.
  • Which leads me to self-esteem and how it needs to be nurtured. It can be an endless well but you need to feed it so that it will grow and allow you to feel that you can handle the challenges that life has in store. Sometimes the basics can really serve as the foundation for how successful you allow yourself to be – yes, there are circumstances personal to all of us that can be to our disadvantage but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be overcome. Self-esteem can help power you through difficult situations and that mental resilience can make a difference.
  • This article was shared with me by one of the blog’s readers who also happens to be one of my closest friends. She’s an extrovert well liked by her colleagues and it’s evident in her ability to bring a diverse group of networks together in her relationships. Being likable at work can be helpful as you move forward in your career, but as with all things use it strategically so that you know how it’s working to your advantage. Taking Jennifer Lawrence’s essay about pay disparity where she says, “I’m over trying to find the ‘adorable’ way to state my opinion and still be likable!” – being likable is about an overall attitude because it’s always good to be a team player and being emotionally intelligent of others so don’t be afraid to step away from that demeanor when it comes down to strategically advocating for yourself.

Have a terrific and safe Thanksgiving!

— Madalene


Tuesday Truths 2015 edition v46

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In the recent weeks, I’ve been asked to do a ton of informational interviews and as much as I try to impart some helpful advice, I want to be sure that people who talk with me understand that there are lots more “in the know” people than me who can provide insight and if they came to their informational interview as unprepared as they were with me, they would never grant another coffee again. I just don’t have the time to sit with people who don’t bother to do some basic research about my work or about me. It’s as simple as doing a Google/pick your favorite search engine inquiry. My electronic profile isn’t crazy but you get the gist of my work as well as my biography. So when I walk into a coffee because I’m doing a favor for a friend, I’m not the one getting anything out of it except knowing that I’m helping someone. I may find your narrative interesting as you tell me your career goals but the basic questions of “what I do” can be easily found on the internet(s). I’m not puffing my ego just to be one of those people but I hope people asking for information do a better job in asking more researched questions. Just to prove that I’m not crazy about having an attitude about it, this week’s edition of Tuesday Truths is directed solely to informational interviews:

Take these articles seriously. Every single person who I met with were extremely intelligent people and it saddens me when people aren’t doing the basics. Whether you’re learning about breaking into a field or trying to connect with people to get more information about working in a particular organization, people will remember those who went beyond the basics during these coffees. As one of the articles mentioned, you’re not interviewing for a job but you’re still “on”. If you know your colleagues are making these mistakes, please help them correct their behavior.

Consider this my Public Service Announcement for the week 🙂

Thanks for reading/sharing and don’t forget to subscribe!

— Madalene


Tuesday Truths 2015 edition v45

This week we’re honoring our Veterans (something that should happen every day!) and as a daughter of a Veteran (Go Army!), I value the sacrifices that our military personnel and their families endure for the preservation of our safety and for freedom. I especially get emotional when I’m in the airport and see a crew boarding/deplaning. I’ll make a trip to Arlington National Cemetery to pay my respects to my father and all of the others who have served.

Here’s Tuesday Truths

  • Growing up in a multicultural household, I’ve always straddled the heritages that have accompanied my family history – neither fully Caucasian or fully Vietnamese, I grew up knowing that being American had a widely diverse definition. I’m happy to see that television is following suit and my friend, Jeff Yang writes about how tv is redefining the definition of being American. With more diverse casting along with the powers that be making decisions, our stories are being told.
  • It’s the last quarter of 2015 before the holidays take over the calendar and we dive into the deep end of the pool for 2016. I spent 2 days last week working on projects with some fellow operatives visualizing and setting goals for the election cycle. Which meant I was tasked with the fun part of “how do we do all of this legally” – certainly not the sexy part of the planning stage but most definitely an essential part so that none of us go to the clinker. With the excitement of the election, be prepared to know how you can best use your advocacy organizations without losing your tax status.
  • I always come back to fundraising because honestly, if you can’t pay for it, shiz just doesn’t happen and in the AAPI community, we’re growing more politically aware and that includes building our financial capital. Journalist Bobby Calvan wrote a three part series for Al Jazeera America showcasing the AAPI electorate for the 2016 cycle. I hope you read it just to educate yourself about this very critical swing vote. Here’s the 1st part, 2nd part and 3rd part (where my colleagues and I are quoted about the AAPI donor community).

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— Madalene

Tuesday Truths 2015 edition v44

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Today’s Election Day so if you’ve got local elections, go vote!

We’re weeks away from the end of the year and people starting to make New Year’s resolutions. I believe that there’s always room for improvement so why wait until the end or start of the year to change habits or to throw something else into the mix? Evolution doesn’t wait for the calendar!

  • I like to say that I’m a jack of all trades and a master of nothing because I do so many seemingly random things without much thought of how well I actually do them. I do have some proficiency in these different areas: I’ve taken voice lessons throughout my life and even when I was taking lessons, never really used them in a way to publicly showcase the work that I put into learning Italian phonetically so that I can sing opera so although not a lot of people have heard me sing in my adult years, I know how to read music and play guitar. Every once in a while, certain hobbies will take priorities over others – for now, it’s French and surfing. So what do you want to do when you realize that you have a lot of interests and not a lot of time to fulfill your learning? Here you can learn how to prioritize and focus your many interests. My mom is sometimes sad that I didn’t continue playing guitar since she was the one who “made” me take lessons but I believe that it’s just as important that I pursue interests with a broader sense of educating myself. Doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or dabbling, I think it makes the world more interesting to learn as much as you can.
  • Everyone has their struggles and life is never perfect so when you need a reservoir of patience or a reminder of how life’s struggles make you stronger, you can think of these 8 things.
  • I’ve worked with a lot of people in Silicon Valley and with no disrespect to the culture or to the people who innovate, I really dislike the word disruptive. So although this article has that word in the title, I’m still a fan of what they’re saying about being a great leader. My favorite by far about any office or work environment is creating a place where people can ask “Why?” because every thing we do has a reason and if people can innovate a better method to achieve the Why then things are going to get accomplished.
  • Did you know that you can transfer stress to others and others to you? You can protect yourself with a few strategies so that you create a positive mental barrier. Just like secondhand smoke, secondhand stress can be dangerous.
  • Just because it’s Election Day, it doesn’t mean we stop working on advocating for issues. If you need a terrific guide on the basics of community advocacy, head on over to the Campaign Workshop!

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— Madalene