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I hope everyone is having a great start to December! I like this time of year because it reminds me to be better – not just with others but also to myself. I don’t believe in resolutions because I always think that there’s nothing like the present to make improvements. I hope you have a productive month reaching your goals and milestones.

Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • For me to fully focus, I need to clear the mental “to-do” list and see the horizon of progress. I think I’ve mentioned that I tend to triage so that things that are the most important, bubble to the surface first and therefore, get addressed. To have clarity, it’s important that you’re doing it with a clear head so empty all of the things that are distracting you so that you can find your own focus.
  • When you’re facing a challenge and think you’re at the end of your mental toughness, you’ve only used 40% of your will power so you’ve got a lot left in the tank!
  • In the discussion of Millennials this article shared that there is a profound impact on how financial support affects their ability to build their own personal assets. This is especially true with millennials of color and this financial disparity is also connected with race. As a result minority millennials are having a difficult time getting ahead.
  • I think I run a pretty tight ship in my firm in that I have procedures that illustrate how to do pretty much everything for each of my clients. One of the things that I try to provide for my team is feedback not only related to their current positions but also to their own professional goals. What have they identified as their weaknesses that they need to improve? What habits/behavior have I noticed that I could help them to correct? How can we create opportunities to strengthen those skills? Reading this article has really formulated what I try to put into action – radical candor – the combination of caring for people and being direct. This also applies to me and my team’s feedback of how I can help them. I also recognize that the best version of myself involves my routine of going to the gym – my team always thanks me for it because I’m a nicer person when I get my frustrations out by sweating it out. One of my favorite reads!
  • Every job has some level of stress and some of that stress can’t be controlled. If you work in customer service, you can’t control if the person who you’re trying to help was late leaving their house to get to work and irritated from traffic. You can only control your own behavior. So if you’re in need of finding ways to reduce stress at work, you may want to act upon these tips.
  • I’m getting ready to hit a more tropical locale for a work trip where it’s island cocktail for some of my events.┬áIf you work in an environment where business casual is the norm, here’s an article that illustrates what business casual really means.

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— Madalene


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