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WOW! 52 posts for each week of the year! I decided last year that I would make a commitment to do a weekly blog for work and there were days when I thought that I had nothing to share and that it was repetitive, but your comments and emails really encouraged me to keep posting. Thank you for helping me reach my goal and I’m looking forward to another 52 posts for 2016.

Here’s the 2015 final edition of Tuesday Truths!

  • I decided to take a review of the Top 5 most popular articles so here’s the round-up:

The Tyler Harber story which outlined the first time a political consultant was charged with coordination between a SuperPAC and a political campaign;

The 8 things I’m too Old for;

2 Surprising Ways You can Impress Your Boss;

Ways for you to Build a Meaningful Career;

and a tie between What to do when Your Assistant is Making your Life Harder and Four Fashion Designers who are Making a Mark on How to Dress for the Office.

  • There are a few things that I would like to incorporate into my weekly routine (where it becomes more of a daily practice) and one of those things is to meditate. I find that since I started taking my pilates classes, my breathing has changed to help with something strenuous and that includes when I’m working through a challenging conversation or calming my nerves after a negative interaction. I also know that when I have intentional breathing at night, I fall asleep faster so prioritizing the time to meditate will be part of my own self care in a very busy election year. If you’re a staffer on Capitol Hill, it can be a fast paced environment that doesn’t allow for a lot of solitary moments but there’s a group that meets at least once a week to help find a more reflective time during those busy moments.
  • We’re headed into the home stretch of the holidays and that can sometimes mean that we’re dealing with a lot of stress related to work, family and other sources. There are 3 things you can do to help manage your stress so that you can handle any day like a champ!
  • I am horrible when it comes to scheduling my “networking” time – the time where I have to spend doing drinks/coffee/meetings for the sole purpose of getting more shiz done for my goals. I’m down with meeting others to help them but when it comes to me, I would much rather hunker down and enjoy my French reading assignment, hell – I’ll even do the grammar assignment (I take private French language lessons so homework > hanging out at a social activity). I schedule according to my triage method (which I’ve talked about multiple times on this blog – search triage). I’m an introvert so social activities drain me and being over scheduled doesn’t allow for me to take a breather to recharge. I’m continuing my commitment to under schedule into 2016 so if you only see me online, don’t take it personally!
  • The last post is about readying your mind. I’m a glass half full (of champagne) type of gal so whenever I’m in a Debbie Downer mood, everyone gets a little worried about me. There may be a handful of people who ever hear me talk negatively (I hate being annoyed and I get annoyed with myself about being annoyed – it’s an ugly pattern) so when I need to “shake it off”, I remind myself of these tips to think positively. Most of life is about attitude and I’m my own favorite cheerleader.

Enjoy the last few days of 2015 and I’ll see you next Tuesday for the 1st edition of Tuesday Truths 2016! Thank you for reading/sharing and if you haven’t already, subscribe and tell a friend!

— Madalene





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