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Happy 1st Tuesday of 2016! I’m such an optimist and even more so when it comes to “fresh starts”. If you’ve read the blog long enough, you’ll know that I’m an advocate for constantly evolving and not waiting for a particular time to get started but when you add the blank canvass of a new year, everything aligns to moving forward! I hope you’re having a great “fresh” start!

Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • Last year, one of my closest friends decided to quit her job as the Chair of her department at an elite university to move to Africa and join the Peace Corps. Was this the right move? Only she can answer that question. She went through a lot of soul searching and preparation to reach this decision. I applaud her for leaving the comforts of the US (the ability to easily communicate your wants/needs, knowing the difference between luxuries and necessities, and going to a place where there isn’t a visible safety net of friends/colleagues willing to help in time of distress, but I’m sure that she will build that over time) and for putting her desire of living a life that she values first. I think I’ve talked about I’m not a fan of the word “disrupting” but there are times when it is quite applicable and in this situation, it completely applies. What do you need to disrupt your own existence? How does this change your course of action? Questions that can really motivate how you value your life!
  • When I talk with my friends/colleagues and they ask me how I’m doing, there are times they wonder if I’m the same person from the FB version of me. I always try to stay positive but you know, I like to keep it real when I’m with people IRL. Whether work is being a total drag or life is throwing me a curveball, I always try to find ways where I can keep a positive attitude (thank goodness for my multiple gym memberships!). Lucky for YOU, I’m sharing an article on how to improve your mental health! What do you find helps to give you peace of mind?
  • As a believer in “there’s no better time than now” to do something, I’m constantly calendering things so that I can take the time to assess. Why not do that when you’re putting your more mundane items into your calendar? Checking on your sleep, exercise and whatever else that will help in making yourself more productive? Here are 6 ways you can get to a better version of you and don’t forget, we’re not perfect so whatever incremental changes you make is considered a win – one foot in front of the other!!
  • Can you tell that there’s a bit of a theme going on in this post? Personal development through growing/disrupting/or whatever you wish to call it is all about living a life that you designed. There are circumstances that you can’t control but eventually, you create your life. There will be sacrifices and tough decisions but there will also be triumphant celebrations and milestones. Here’s one way that you can design your personal growth. Do you have others that you want to share? What do you want to learn so that we can provide that as a resource? I got an email over the holiday break from a reader about a colleague taking credit for the reader’s work. That’s a douche-y thing to do but alas, we gotta deal with those kinds of situations so I’ll be sharing those articles next week. Email me or leave a comment on what you think you need! I’m happy to share and let me know what you would like to share about your experiences with this community!
  • The DNC AAPI Engagment Desk along with the Asian American Action Fund and America’s Opportunity Fund announced a networking event to connect political campaign operatives/professionals to review job seekers’ resumes and talk about political opportunities in 2016 on January 26th. Get more information here and if you haven’t already, submit your resume for review for America’s Opportunity Fund’s AAPI Pipeline Project.

Thanks for kicking off 2016 with me and for reading/sharing and subscribing!

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  1. Richard Chen

    We here at the @AAAFund are really excited for the DNCC panel in 2 weeks!

    Great work to all at Arum who have professionally organized our panel which will very practically, tangibly organize & inspire our community, your work is spot on.

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