Tuesday Truths 2016 edition v2

The weather has shifted in DC and we’re experiencing a bit of a chill, but we’re prepared to get out to our respective State of the Union watch parties this evening. It’s the end of an era as President Obama will be delivering his last State of the Union of his presidency. I’m sure that it will be a bittersweet moment for everyone who has worked in his administration and who helped to get him elected. In the meantime, let’s get to Tuesday Truths!

  • As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had a reader who was in a dilemma about having a colleague take credit for her work so I offered a few articles to help in resolving the situation. Do you have any additional suggestions?

“What Should I do When my Boss Takes Credit for My Ideas” by Art Markman

“What to Do when Someone Takes Credit for Your Work” by The Muse

“How to Respond When Someone Takes Credit for Your Work” by Amy Gallo

  • As I begin my 14th year as an independent political consultant, the dynamics of the political consulting world continues to change with a rapid pace as corporate entities and campaigns begin to intertwine. For those who are interested in reading about how those relationships work, let’s pull back the curtain!
  • I’ve gone down the rabbit hole reading the weekly newsletter for “NonProfit with Balls” – hilarious, poignant, irreverent honest to goodness truth. If you work in non-profit land, seriously consider signing up for the newsletter because Vu (the author/creator extraordinaire) TOTALLY gets us. His most recent post deals with self care and as an advocate for it, I really understand the need for it but also have told my staff that part of this business involves going to events that aren’t necessarily considered our scope of work but it helps to get the rest of our professional lives moving. I go through it myself, “Do I really need to be at this event?” and I get a flash forward of the outcome and start to question if it means more to stay out another hour+ or go home and start watching my favorite shows on demand. I usually go out, not of FOMO because I can see that it will help to build better relationships when I need to make a call to ask for something down the line.
  • On the flip side of using self care judiciously, it’s important that we’re in this for the long haul and when you’re feeling less than 100%, it’s good to assess if you’re doing these necessary steps for your self care.
  • Recently I had a conversation with a female colleague about her career and her recognition that she needed to tout her own accomplishments more. If you’re feeling stuck and you’ve determined that you need to get unstuck then these 10 tips to get unstuck and move your career forward need to be front and center of your daily life. Above all else, know your value!
  • I know that my readers are confident individuals, but there will be times when self doubt creeps in and you’ll just want to snuggle up with your comfortable blanket and call it a day. When that happens, get your self confidence on track with these 8 tricks.

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— Madalene



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