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It’s been an eventful week as we execute plans for the Democratic primary and even though there is so much going on, this is what working in politics entails. Over the weekend, I spent part of my Saturday at The Women in Politics Institute at American University as a Guest Speaker at a Women & the 2016 Elections weekend session. It was amazing to talk with such a dynamic group as we discussed what it means to be a woman working in this industry as well as the challenges that women candidates face. I marvel at the fact that I’ve worked in this business for 20 years and have seen the demographic change to include more diverse individuals, but yet there’s still more work to do.  I hope to still be around in the next 20 years to see how much we’ve progressed. This class certainly gave me inspiration for the future!

Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • I’m excited to be participating at WIN’s Young Women of Achievement (YWA) awards this coming Thursday. If you haven’t purchased your ticket, get on it! I had the opportunity to meet quite a few of the 55 women who were nominated for their respective industry awards earlier in the month and they are all extraordinary people who make a difference in their organizations and the broader community as a whole. I made remarks that evening commenting that after reviewing their resumes, I wondered what I had done with my life because they were already well accomplished. As a result, this made me reflect that I could have chosen a better way to congratulate these women because I know that life is not about comparisons and that there are times when people feel that they’re falling behind to their peers. All of these women have seized opportunities and made it their own. I hope that everyone gives themselves the room to take it all in.
  • If you’re looking for ways to re-focus your journey, here are some great ideas to jump start your adventure. I recently met with a woman who is starting a new life (leaving her 25+ marriage, moving from a very well established life in a northeast state to DC where she hasn’t lived since her college days, no longer managing a household with a husband and 2 grown children etc..) and she’s ready to dive back into the work force and brush up on her social media skills. That takes a lot of courage and the mental wherewithal to take steps to change a very familiar routine. Life is a constant reinvention of self. I try to push outside of my comfort zone so that I can feel and embrace the fear. I took up surfing for that particular reason. Even with multiple trips out into various oceans, I still have my WTF moments and wonder why I put myself in these situations. I always know the answer and yet I still ask the question. I don’t want to be complacent and when the familiar becomes too familiar that new sensation creates a different perspective of how the world operates. Starting a new chapter can be exhilarating and downright scary but the water’s just fine – jump in!
  • A revealing article on how to have more presence in your workplace from Amy Cuddy, a Professor and Researcher at Harvard Business School. It articulates how much active listening creates a level of trust with your colleagues and staff. Important factors to remember when you’re working in your organizations!
  • With so many networking opportunities in DC, there can be times when you can’t seem to get beyond the small talk. Here’s to moving into medium talk! I thought the questions were great in engaging people. Small talk is innocuous and doesn’t allow for people to GET REAL. Do you have some favorite medium talk moments?
  • Regardless of whether you’re a Hillary supporter or not, everyone needs to acknowledge that there are crazy high expectations of women in positions of authority. Known as the double bind, women are constantly critiqued against a scale that doesn’t apply to men. It’s something that needs to stop and it begins by recognizing it in the first place.

Thanks for reading/sharing – tell me what new adventures are on your horizon!!

— Madalene




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