Tuesday Truths 2016 edition v9

It’s SUPER TUESDAY – 13 states and one territory have their primaries and caucuses today – only in DC would there be a happy hour to watch the returns. If you’re a sports fan, you will see that today is the playoffs for the Superbowl, World Series, Olympics, Stanley Cup etc..all rolled into one. In my world that means I have about 8 more months before my vacation 🙂

Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • Washington, DC is a destination city. It’s a place where there’s a constant stream of people dreaming to work here. Sometimes people fall into positions, but it’s a high probability that people mapped out a strategy to find employment. In an earlier post I shared a great list to where you could find campaign related jobs (here) and now, my friends over at the Campaign Workshop are sharing advice on the strategy in finding a job. Combined it can make the process a little more manageable and can help in a more efficient search. Good luck!
  • As a manager or someone who is in a supervisory role, motivating your team is an essential part of the job. It keeps up morale and helps to quickly identify problems that may not yet have surfaced. I believe that every person has a different reason for doing things and although the team may be on the same page, everyone gets something uniquely personal out of the experience. So although the headline for the article is slightly misleading, it’s really determining how each of us should build relationships so that we can create an experience that motivates us to succeed.
  • It seems that DC attracts young, well-educated single women – check out these numbers! Which leads me to a piece written in New York magazine about how single women hold the most important political clout of any other demographic. Society has placed restraints on women and doesn’t equally count your voice unless you’re married. (I love my momma but she didn’t think I became a woman until I got married and just for that, I held out from getting married even though I was living with my husband for 7 years before we got married and even then, I eloped.) The policies that can affect change are dependent on this demographic using its voice. Not all single women are high income earners and in fact, many of them are single parents who are juggling paying for child care and earning a wage without the ability to schedule their work hours around when the voting polls are open.

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— Madalene



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