Tuesday Truths 2016 edition v15

With Congress returning today, we’re moving full steam ahead with a plethora of fundraising events. Time to raise that money! I’m also looking forward to being on a Mentoring panel this week for the Young Leadership Network (YLN) for the Association of Government Relations Professionals (AGRP). I’ve done this in previous years and it’s a fun way to meet people in the government affairs industry. What projects/events are you most excited about this week?

Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • Having Congress gone meant that I had time to do work and to assess how my year is going so far. I’m not a fan of “being busy” and I’ve made a more conscious effort to pursue other opportunities that are more aligned to my professional goals. If you don’t take the time to reflect on whether you’re living a life of value, then you’re missing out on times when you can be leading a fuller life. Coasting is not my nature so whenever I feel a little complacent, I know that it’s time to mix it up. I’ve always been a believer in creating my own luck!
  • Which leads me to there are less than 9 months before the end of the year!!! That crazy feeling that time is slipping away is REAL! Here’s how you can get a handle of reaching your goals. I’m a big fan of calendaring EVERYTHING – gym, personal appointments, health appointments and scheduling my life around those things so that I know if I’m really giving myself a chance to achieving work/life balance.
  • We’ve all got Decision Elves lurking in our everyday lives. It’s a risk to do anything in politics – you never know if the candidate you’re working for is going to win or if the incumbent you have is going to lose. Life has a way of figuring it out for you and it’s that mental game that you must play to see if you can handle the older version of yourself reflecting on the challenges you’re facing now. Everyone has a level of risk that they’re willing to take – do you fly off the deep end or play it safe? You can’t make everyone happy with your decision but for one person: YOU. Knowing of others who have risked it all and made it through is good for acknowledging the possible. Take a moment to figure out what you’re really willing to risk.
  • Decision Elves are related to the Choice Fairies. We all make choices in life in how we want to spend our time. It’s called prioritizing. You always make time for the things that are most important and that is ultimately a choice. My ability to improve my French is solely based on how often I commit to practice and I mean in a whole hearted way; not “the I’m busy reading the same sentence from my French novel a million times because I’m distracted and not really reading”. As I start to work on a project that means I’m helping an organization shed its excess to reach a tighter argument on why prospects should financially support them, it also highlights for me what excess I want to shed so that I’m running a more efficient life that puts into place the foundation in achieving my goals. Hmmmm…pretty powerful stuff when you start recognizing that shedding the excess really does bring you to the core of yourself.
  • I hear that a lot of you want to start your own consulting business one day and that’s fantastic! You’re probably one step ahead of me because you’ve started thinking about your business plan. If you haven’t then here’s a template on the how to’s. I’m going to use it to see if I can actualize my Korean spa. Find a mentor and network like crazy!
  • Whenever I do trainings, I’m always fascinated with learning all the new technology and the psychology of a voter. Polling certainly outlines the potential of a race and how certain pressure points are affecting voters’ choices in candidates. With states doing all kinds of different things in this election, it was interesting to read the forecast of election 2016 from this perspective.
  • In an effort to highlight more people who have created their own luck, I want to share profiles of people who inspire me to be as fierce as them – in business, in community, in life. I hope that their work ethic, drive and passion spur you to make your dreams into reality. Today, I’m highlighting Annie Choi of Found Coffee in Los Angeles. I’ve only met Annie once and it was through a mutual friend. I later learned that a work colleague of mine is also a patron of Annie’s coffee shop and that Annie’s sense of community is felt everyday (whether she’s there or not!). Annie and I became friends over Facebook and I’ve had a lot of fun observing her life with her team and her customers. You can read more of Annie’s story here. If you’re a fan of coffee and baked goods, you’ll want to visit the next time you’re in the LA area! Is there an inspiring figure you want to share with us? Let me know!

Thanks for reading/sharing and let me know what you think in the comments!

— Madalene



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