Tuesday Truths 2016 edition v18

WOW – We’re in the month of May!!! Can you believe it?? It also means that we’re celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (#APAHM2016). This week is particularly busy because although the House is out of session, we’ve got Asian Prom and so so so many events throughout the week and the month. I love my people!

Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • This week is also Week of WIN! What does that mean? It means YOU have a whole week to get to know more about WIN and to get involved in all of the great activities! Learn more here. On May 7th at 11am Eastern, I’ll be conducting a fundraising training as part of Week of WIN so RSVP here. There may also be some Facebook live action on my Facebook work page. TUNE IN!
  • As a professional woman, I like to think that I get treated in the same manner as my male colleagues. When you’re in a senior leadership role, it can be daunting to be one of the boys and the question always remains of whether or not you’re ever really accepted as part of the cool crowd. When it’s in doubt, don’t be afraid to assert yourself. I don’t watch morning television, however I couldn’t help but notice the brouhaha over the announcement of Michael Strahan’s departure from Live With Kelly and Michael. Office politics playing out on national news is never good and of course, I’m not privy to the internal workings of network programming, however it was a clear example of how women are treated in senior leadership and the repercussions of asserting your authority. It’s a high cost of being a woman in charge.
  • I think I have a theme here about women being in charge! Another issue that women in charge face is a higher scrutiny of their mistakes. We’re not perfect people – no gender is – and yet, women are more criticized when mistakes happen. When men dominate across a majority of industries, it’s a challenge for women to go beyond the negative descriptions when we’re in leadership positions. Gender stereotypes only deepen criticism.
  • Since we’re in #APAHM2016 mode, learn more about the AAPI community and bust the model minority myth! Although I’m an active member of this community, I learned a great deal about how to combat the stereotypes and not fall into generalizations about my community. The more you know!
  • I first met Frank Wu when he was in DC and he would support the campaigns of my clients. He continues to give sage advice to AAPI young professionals in one of his recent Huffington Post articles. I think it should be required reading for any AAPI who is starting their professional career regardless of their choice of industry. Read up!
  • I have a lot of colleagues in the political fundraising space that are women and often times, we maybe the sole female in senior leadership on a campaign. It could be perceived that women are better at it (I like to think that women are great at everything!) and KQED even did a story on Why do Women Dominate Political Fundraising. I have a lot of ideas about it that I can share at a later time.

Thanks for sharing/reading – tell what you’re up to this week!

— Madalene





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