Tuesday Truths 2016 edition v20

We have been in non stop fundraising mode and it’s fantastic! We’re right in the middle of the frenzy so we’ve got a few more weeks before we get to Memorial Day weekend but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • In the past, we’ve talked about breaking bad habits and the variety of ways you can remind yourself to stop going down the same road. Here’s another “shocking” way to get you to stop! Would you do it?
  • Having the right attitude about yourself is essential to having self confidence. We’re always a work in progress so when setbacks occur, you need to have the mental will power to keep pushing through. It’s not always easy and reminders can help you get through days when you need more than a mental pat on the back.
  • This article spoke to me because as a woman of color, it reminded me of what it was like to join a profession where I didn’t start working with a strong ethnic identity. Visually, you see an Asian American woman and all the Caucasian women who helped me along the way took a chance on an unexperienced, yet somewhat talented and hardworking individual. It felt welcoming and safe to know that these women thought I could continue in politics as an operative. As a result, they helped me gain entree to the table and it was up to me to keep getting myself invited back to the table. What did that require? It meant that I had to deliver. I had to do what I said I would do and meet/exceed expectations. It also meant that I had to allow myself to feel that I deserved to be not only in the room, but that I was a vital part of the conversation. I could not have self doubt. If there was a time to NOT have imposter syndrome, it was every time I was part of a team discussion. For each early experience of being part of those discussions, I took as an opportunity to listen and learn. It’s now my responsibility to also cultivate the same kind of environment for others and to create the space for those to listen to their unique super-powers. Where are you in this process and what are you doing to create space?
  • Since┬áthis article is so timely, I really enjoyed reading it! Remember last week’s edition, I shared the article about the differences between male and female donors in philanthropy. This article talks more about female donors becoming more politically active and getting more comfortable about sharing their political views.
  • Here’s a great article about how to approach female donors for philanthropic endeavors. Each point also transfers for political asks as well. If you reverse the situation and have a female candidate making a political ask, it works just as well to explain each of the points to get that connection. Fundraising isn’t about the mad dash/slash & burn method but one where you can build relationships.
  • It’s a leap of faith to live the life you want. Everyday distractions and yeah, life itself can get in the way. So how to do you course correct and redesign the life you want? Here are the 3 very remarkable questions that will get you onto the road. Where will it take you?

Thanks for reading/sharing and let me know what you think in the comments!

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