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I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. Memorial Day is special to me because my father was in the military. Although when I was born, he had already retired from military service, he kept in close contact with the people who he served with throughout his career. It also reminds me of how much I love the United States. It doesn’t matter if I’m at a sporting event or a gala, if the national anthem is playing, I will always tear up. I think about my dad and his colleagues and how much they sacrificed to serve the US. There was a time in my life when I thought that I would apply to West Point – my life would be completely different – I think that idea really came from watching the camaraderie through my dad’s relationships. I hope that our military and our veterans know that there are citizens in this country that truly respect their work.

Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • Income equality is no joking matter but when you think about all the reasons that women aren’t paid equally, you start to wonder if it all was a joke in the first place. Here’s a satirical video of all the reasons why women can’t break the glass ceiling.
  • Sometimes your work life takes over everything and then a health issue makes the idea of just being alive a priority. Whenever work starts to overcome my life, I have to re-assess what’s really important to me. As I’m closing into my mid 40s, I know that I’m at the peak of my life – I know that life will continue to be fantastic as I get older, only if I take the necessary steps now to prepare for those later years. My body will tell me that I can’t/shouldn’t surf anymore, my health will tell me that I need to watch my diet and my brain will tell me to keep challenging myself. All of these things matter but the one thing that I need to do most is nurture my relationships – the friendships that create strong bonds and a support system for me and to the people I care about – my usual tendency is to spend time alone (which gives me the quiet that I enjoy) but that my making an effort to be with people who care for me as I care for them will also bring benefits in the long term.
  • As I’ve gotten older, I wonder why I didn’t do certain things when I was younger? Mainly, I wasn’t necessarily thinking about certain aspects of my professional life with a particular lens. Since I see myself more as an entrepreneur and a political operative, I notice things differently because my perspective has changed. I see more younger professionals taking the time to brand themselves more (something I never did as a young person) and now I encourage others to do it too! I’ve even taught a workshop on branding. Here’s a great article on tips to create a brand that works for you.
  • It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in life, you’re going to feel down in the dumps and need a wake up move to jumpstart your confidence. “Power posing” scientifically gives you that jumpstart. Power poseHere’s me doing my best power pose. It doesn’t need to be this particular pose. It can be whatever makes you feel the most confident. Send me your pics of your favorite power pose!
  • I spend a lot of time sharing with you articles that matter to working women and I noticed that I didn’t really share a lot when it comes to motherhood and how it affects your professional/personal life. Partly due to the fact that I’m not a mother and also because so many women that I know in my professional life aren’t moms either. The ones who are moms tend to have help, in the form of nannies or relatives/grandparents in the area. It was good for me to also see how people juggle through a schedule of being mom, wife/partner, professional all in a 24 hour span – I think I would have an identity crisis seeing how this one woman manages life in one day. So many props to the women out there who live this kind of day/week/year. We all have our challenges and being supportive of one another by recognizing our different challenges makes us more empathetic to how we can make one another’s lives better.
  • I recently met with a young woman asking for career advice. She commented that working as a consultant you spend a lot of time hustling and that’s very true. Sometimes thinking about going on your own makes for a glamorous story and it’s a great goal to have if you think you will thrive in those types of conditions. What types of conditions am I referring? The kind where you need to follow up on potential clients, looking for people you can target who will be in need of your services in the future, marketing your services so that your work is based on referrals and recommendations, and actually maintaining a level of work product worthy of those referrals and recommendations! There are a ton of great things about being on your own. It’s your marquee and it’s also all the things that go into having it your marquee. Don’t let your fears of what it may be like keep you from jumping into the deep end, but also be realistic about what you need to do to be your own boss. Join me on the Arum Group Facebook page on June 9th at 3pm Eastern for a session on the joys and challenges of being your own boss.

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— Madalene


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