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Hope you’re having a great start to the week! I’m getting ready for WIN’s annual Women Opening Doors for Women (WODW) and gearing up for MAY-JAAAHHH collection agent mode for the end of the quarter. We’ll soon be headed into 30 days before the Philadelphia Democratic convention and less than 130 days before the general election. If you’re a planner, then you know that we’re in overdrive!

Putting all of that aside, I want to express my gratitude for all of your support of the blog! I really enjoy hearing from you and getting your feedback on how articles have been helpful or have impacted your professional/personal lives. Thank you for reading and I hope that I can continue to be a resource! Feel free to let me know what types of articles you’re looking for and how I can be helpful.

Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • There are a lot of young people who work in politics and oftentimes, you start where there’s the most demand and likely that was in field. As you start to become more involved with the industry, you will become more acquainted with the finer details of each particular specialty. I do fundraising because it was due to my organizational skills that my manager/supervisor saw that I might be good in that specific kind of role. If you’re in field and you want to move into communications, you need to know the scope of work involved for that position. It’s not just being a spokesperson. You need relationships with media outlets and reporters, as well as the skill to write a communications plan. The higher the role, the more responsibility. How does this translate into changing industries/fields? You need to know the trends that are happening and you need to get into the sphere of influence of those who can make hires. Although this article was written with the perspective of an entrepreneur, it gives you the guidelines to which you can make a transition into a different field. I try to live my life by “creating my own luck”. It can be more challenging but there are steps you can take to give yourself credentials into another type of work.
  • I have a lot of friends who are getting ready to transition from working in the Obama administration to the unknown world of life changes. People have started thinking about their futures and preparing for new challenges. Does that mean something in a future administration, returning from where they came, getting out of politics/public policy for greener pastures (yes, I’m also alluding to making more $$), or is it all a mystery? It’s a time for new chapters – whether they be written for you or by you. How do you start thinking about all of these questions? It doesn’t matter what age you’re at (for those who may remember, I had a quarter life crisis and left politics) because you can always start a new chapter at any age you choose. This is your life – you get to do with it how you choose!
  • Last week I shared a great deal about self doubt and I’ve realized that optimism plays a critical role in getting unstuck, releasing self doubt and a number of other positive habits. If there isn’t hope that the work you’re doing, the person that you’re becoming, and the world is going to be better then we’re seriously screwed! Of course you and I will have our down days and that’s why you have built a community that will allow you to bathe in the negative for just that moment and help you rise again. Being able to enjoy the small triumphs is worth every second of victory because that will carry you forward to the next threshold. You’ve got this and YOU are a role model to not only OTHERS but to YOURSELF. HELL YEAH – you wake up in the morning knowing that the day can bring its challenges and you’ve got the skills and the know how to make it through. #winning
  • I’m a mentor to a couple of undergraduates who are enthusiastic and eager to jump start their professional careers (I tell them that they need to savor this moment of their lives because I didn’t think that 20+ years of post graduate professional life would get me to now – that’s for another time!). We’re in the midst of discussing their life goals and the basics such as how to write a cover letter and how to get through interviews. I’ve talked with first time job applicants as well as to more seasoned professionals about how to approach a job interview. Foremost, know your strengths – know them in and out and how to articulate them in examples. Know your weaknesses and how you can improve them. Most importantly, know your VALUE. Your ability to express your value to a company/organization also translates to how having you as a team member helps them to reach their goals.
  • When you take a step back to see where you are in the world, you can sometimes feel small. If you’re an intern, if you’re an assistant, if you’re a director, if you’re a VP, there’s always going to be someone higher up the ladder and you need to have the skills to be able to engage those people into your orbit. Knowing how you can be helpful to them is always the beginning to the conversation. This goes back to your value and assessing your ability to help others with your skills.
  • As a fundraiser, I’m constantly thinking about how much money needs to be raised by the quarter, the month, the week and daily – intervals of time that set up benchmarks. How about if we did that with our time?? The saying goes, “Time is money” and how true is that when we also realize that we can never get more time.
  • It’s a running joke that I like to exercise at the crack of dawn (running joke, get it?!). Anyway, I’m in a time out with exercise. My body has decided that I needed a break and I’m absolutely OK with it and I will be OK with it until I start to feel sluggish and really really cranky. I know all about the positive benefits and I like the adrenaline after my workouts. I’m just not feeling it these days and I’m giving myself the space to be OK because I know that I will get back to it when I’m ready. For those who are looking for the motivation to exercise more, here’s a trick that you can use to get you to your favorite physical activity. I actually use the same thinking when it comes to exercise because I prioritize it over other things, however at this point in time, my quality of sleep is beating out exercise.

What are you doing to bring value to those around you? Share your stories!

Thanks for reading!

— Madalene

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