Tuesday Truths 2016 Special Edition v30 (Democratic Convention)

We’re in Day #2 of the official Democratic proceedings! I’ve been here since Saturday and if you’re reading this on Tuesday, I’ve just finished conducting a 4 hour training with the AAPI community. I also have a fundraiser in 2.5 hours so I’m going to grab lunch and head over to set up for my fundraiser.

What are your thoughts on the Democratic Convention so far?? Love/hate? Tell me in the comments section!

In the meantime, here’s Tuesday Truths Democratic Convention Special Edition!

philadelpia skyline

Philadelphia is quite the city. In 1996, I was a Regional Field Director for the ’96 Coordinated campaign in Pennsylvania and I would occasionally need to travel to Philly (HQ) for staff meetings. Fast forward to many more interim years where I would come back to Philly to conduct trainings and to just enjoy all the different things to do. When I drove into town, you knew there was a convention happening – check out the barricades!

Along with tons of street signs to delineate travel logistics and just about everything else, this city was ready for 50,000 people.

IMG_1876 IMG_1878

One of the fun things that the city did was have painted donkeys throughout the city and they set up an app to get you to play along. Here are just a few of the donkeys that I found while out wandering the streets.

south carolina donkey

new jersey donkey

illinois donkey california donkey

If you didn’t notice that there was a Convention going on, the hotels were also decked out with patriotic swag as well.

marriott hotel

Philadelphia is where we hear the exciting news of having Donna Brazile become the interim DNC Chair. This town holds a lot of memories for the beginnings of my career in politics. I’ve worked in Pennsylvania in 3 presidential elections so yes, I feel a certain nostalgia for the Keystone state. I read a great article comparing Hillary Clinton to Philadelphia and it served as an analogy to what it may mean to be this city and this kind of candidate.

One of the more intriguing bits of convention this year is the realization that the DNC was hacked by 2 separate Russian intelligence agencies! Talk about a plot twist out of some spy thriller, but with much more consequence.

One of the reasons why I work in Democratic/progressive politics is because I feel welcomed in this very diverse party and although this movement is not perfect and is certainly a work in progress, we strive to make improvements so that we are reflective of this country. There was a panel to discuss how to have inclusive diversity hiring practices, not just to talk about challenges but to discuss solutions.IMG_1886

Let me know your thoughts about convention!

— Madalene


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