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We’re in the midst of August slumber, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not working! I have a ton of events on the books and we’re excited that we’re 90 days from E-Day! Have you signed up for a volunteer shift? I’m happy to direct you to any of the Democratic organizations that are actively recruiting volunteers 😉

Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • Political life can bring discourse. I found this article quite interesting because it made me take a breath and LISTEN. I like to think that I can be patient, although it’s not an adjective that I would immediately use to describe myself and the ability to actively listen and to better understand someone who comes with a differing opinion requires a healthy dose of it. We move in such a fast society with social media only lending us maybe 6 seconds of attention span so the ability to listen and be aware of someone else’s perspective makes for a test of patience. Would you want to change the person’s opinion? Would you want to voice the merits of your perspective? Of course, but sometimes what really matters is that we give each other the space to be heard.
  • I give big PROPS to the Washington Post for creating a compilation of articles about women in power in DC. They highlight women in both parties and how they have grown or decreased within these establishments, how women are coming into their power through political contributions, as well as how women of color still battle everyday to be recognized. It’s a great digest of how women in DC are fighting to be at the table.
  • Being that my spouse is also a campaign hack, who I met when we both worked at the DNC during the ’96 re-election, I thought this article about finding love on the campaign trail hit close to home. I’ve always likened campaign life like being in a class. You work with people your age as well as those who have more/less experience and those relationships/friendships forged during those particularly intense moments can build a bond that would have never existed.
  • I had an opportunity to speak to a couple of interns last week about what it means to be a political consultant and the work that I do as a fundraiser. It was great to tell them about how I work to elect candidates who look more like America, but what I failed to tell them that I also do things like, order 50lbs of pork butt (and pick it up) for an annual fundraiser so that my out of town chefs can prepare their menu. I also purchase golf balls for gift bags and order catering from a specialty food truck for 100 so that I have food for my events. I’ll just let The Campaign Workshop talk about what campaign fundraisers REALLY do for their candidates 😉
  • If you’re having Democratic Convention withdrawal or even FOMO (I’ll admit it, all of the frenzy was quite worth it!) then here’s a recap from my dear friend Edil De Los Reyes (follow her on twitter!!). She worked with the Democratic Convention digital team to share stories and poignant moments during Convention and she wrote a recap of the 1st day. Thanks Edil for capturing other parts of the day so that I can see what else was happening!

Thanks for reading/sharing and if you haven’t signed up for the weekly blog, I hope you get on the party train 🙂

— Madalene



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