Tuesday Truths 2016 Edition v37

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September is always an exciting month and as we count down to Election Day, it just keeps getting better! I’m on the road later this week so looking forward to making new friends and visiting longtime supporters. Hope you’re making the most of the week!

Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • There are days when I absolutely love the work that I do. I’m excited to face the day and I’m fulfilling a goal, but honestly, who doesn’t have moments when you just can’t. even. My go-to on those days is to step back and think about the big picture. Oftentimes, you get into the weeds to get a job done and that means you loose sight of the goals of your work and the higher purpose. It’s my “Why” and it’s the reason I use to keep my team motivated. They need to know their “Why” as well. What do you do to stay motivated in your job?
  • So what happens when you resolve to step out of your current career to make a significant change? How do you know if you’re in a career funk? Before making the leap, there are ways to gauge your level of anxiety. Maybe it means that you need to do some new things to give yourself a different outlet from your professional life. Or maybe it’s a change in mental attitude. Breathing energy into a boring work scene can make a difference in your wellness.
  • I got a chance to catch up with my friend, Andrew Fullerton who heads up GAIN, the Government Affairs Industry Network and it’s a great organization where you can network within the government affairs/lobbing industry for free. There are educational webinars to learn about new tools as well as trends that affect the legislative process. They also have partnership events that allow for broader networking. Have a look see and meet people who work in advocacy!
  • Are you looking for conversation starters when you go to an interview? If you’re looking for starters for networking events, these would work too! For those of us who need to practice to be less rote, it’s good to have some ideas in advance to not get caught with the same dry questions. Now go out there and network!
  • I’m always trying to think of ways to give thanks to contributors and since some clients aren’t necessarily development driven, it can be hard to be creative but we find ways without spending a lot of money to express our appreciation. If you’re a non-profit who does do development, here are some ways that you can thank your donors and make them feel the love!

Alright folks, let me know how you’re doing – I feel a survey coming along so get ready to give me your feedback on what you want to read more of and how I can help you through this crazy life! Thanks for reading/sharing and I’ll catch you next week!!

— Madalene

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