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Tuesday Truths 2016 Edition v43

We’re so close! 2 more weeks and this Election will be DONE-ZO! I’m still raising and collecting money and having meetings to ask for more moo-laaaah. It’s an exciting time and I’m ready to take a break so we can go back to governing. 2017 will be a great year to renew and recharge. I’m excited to see what that time will bring.

Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • I’ve been working with a lot of women in politics and I’m honored that a lot of them have become friends. Politics has a way of permeating my personal life and there are times when I’m “competing” for work with my fellow consultants. I’m all up for competition because I don’t see it as pitting women against women. We make each other better by always bringing our “A” game and I admire those women who make me become a better version of myself. Roxane Gay breaks it down like no other when she lists the rules of women friendships. Read it, memorize it, take notes, and live it!
  • Being the boss can seem like a lofty goal and once you reach for that title, it also means that you’re responsible for people’s performances. Your ability to create a team is a result of how you manage people’s roles and motivate them to do their best work. If you’ve been promoted, review this checklist and if you need to re-engage your team, it’s a good marker for how you can improve in certain areas. A lot of people talk about how they want to join the Arum Group staff because of my staff lunches. It’s my way to thank the team and to be in a social setting so that we can talk in a more casual setting about the work we’re doing.
  • We know that we don’t have enough women in every facet of leadership. We’re only just now getting a women President (I’m trying really really hard to not count my chickens before they hatch but I can’t help it, we’re so close!!) and when it comes to industries that have always been male dominated, how do we as women stand tall and create space for ourselves and for future women colleagues? Here are strategies that were shared at the United State of Women confab over the summer. If you feel that you need someone to talk with about how you can take up space, give me a holler and I’m happy to commiserate!
  • Lest we forget that we live in times where women are still feared for being powerful, we only need to turn on the news, however it’s important to realize that the insults that women have had to endure have been around forever. Why is it that men feel the need to insult women? Women’s looks are deemed “fair game” while that’s not something most men banter about to one another when they’re trading barbs. A number of qualities such as niceness, the ability to have children, stamina and a myriad of things only attributed to women candidates are considered negatives, but as we move through the modern era and women voters are making their voices heard, maybe male candidates will finally realize that those aren’t the talking points that the electorate wants to hear.
  • This election season has been polled, polled, and polled some more, but you do you really know what it all means? Trust me, polling is a highly methodical scientific process (I’m not sure if a Drudge “poll” really counts with all of the scientific mumbo jumbo). There are a lot of paid campaign staff who have never seen a poll with the cross tabs and the breakdown of the methodology so when you’re talking with a civilian about all of the factors that go into the survey, the composition of the people in the sample size aka demographics, and the course of time it took to run the poll, you’re talking about the methodology of the poll. Want to learn more about what goes into a poll then read this handy dandy guide on how to read the latest polls.
  • Even as a woman who has reached the highest levels of leadership in world renown corporations, Sallie Krawcheck was muted due to her high profile successes by male supervisors and in her case, a CEO! It is ridiculous that executives would “punish” a member of their executive team for having a positive image outside of work. We need to be celebrating more, not less when women achieve accomplishments that were once only relegated to the men in their companies.

Thanks for reading/sharing and let me know what tips  you would share!

— Madalene


Tuesday Truths 2016 Edition v42

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Taking deep breaths! I hope you’re having a great week! I’m ready for Election Day and to head out for a break. Any suggestions on someplace warm I can visit? Remember to give yourself time to decompress and to give yourself self-care. If you don’t take care of yourself, then you can’t take care of others!

Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • Have you been listening to the Mentoring Moments podcast? It’s great and has excellent stories/interviews on how successful women from multiple generations reached their goals. The most recent interview was with the Editor of Chief of Seventeen magazine, Ann Shoket and she’s dropping knowledge on how she got to her current position (after her 3rd attempt!). It’s the journey, people!
  • I’m always looking for ways to help people network (myself included). You can get into a rut that may be comfortable but is it really effective? Here are a few tips for a better introduction. What do you think?
  • I recently had a conversation with a friend who told me that she appreciated my habit of learning new things or at the very least trying new hobbies. I’ve talked before that I’m a Jill of all trades and a master of nothing (basically because I have so many different interests). I think regardless of how long you spend on a hobby and how deeply you delve into it, that hobby is always going to make you more well, interesting. I love people who are passionate about learning something and go all in and become experts (I know who to call when it’s time to hire someone for calligraphy!). I also love the people who take an interest in learning how to play an instrument, only to find that a couple weeks/months later they’ve changed to a different hobby to pursue. It’s all good! As adults who aren’t required to attend school for educational purposes, we’re learning to enrich ourselves and isn’t that what life should be about anyway? If you don’t have time that’s fine too. Life is about spending it however way you want. If that includes changing interests every few days/weeks/months then more joy to you in your pursuit!
  • I was having lunch with a friend who is working a side hustle. There are a lot of things to think about when you start a business and even more work when you’re doing it on the side while maintaining your current work load. Here are some things to think about when you’re working your magic.
  • Since I kinda live in a bubble (majority of my friends are progressive and partisan), I tend to not meet people who are in support of Mr. Trump. With that context, it helps to realize that with any situation where you have disagreement, it helps to ease people onto an exit strategy so that they have room to move in that direction. When you box people into a corner, it’s more common that they will want to dig deeper into their beliefs and fight. This isn’t about providing more evidence or facts/data. It’s about giving people who are in disagreement the space to change course without punishment. It takes a lot of patience on the part of the individual to keep an open mind towards this discipline. The urge to fight back will be overwhelming. This going to be a long road ahead after this election and it’s all a part of the process of unifying this country.

Thanks for reading/sharing! Let me know if you have any tips you care to share!

— Madalene


Tuesday Truths 2016 Edition v41

This has been a roller coaster ride of an election! Having worked in politics as an operative for over 20 years, this made me re-consider my profession. People already think that I work in a “dirty” business and add to it, I deal with money so that in itself connotes “pay to play” or “quid pro quo”, ideas that I do not advocate within my work (I ain’t going to jail for anyone!). The tone for this election has been unbelievable. I am reminded that in earlier campaigns, prior to email, twitter and all the other social media platforms, days when it was in the halls, pubs and parlors where people gathered, ideas and reputations were defended and propagated, a lot of unkind things were said. Politics has always been a rough and tumble profession. It’s for those who are tough skinned and determined to push forth an agenda that may not be that popular. I think of the disadvantaged and of those who are under represented. I have the privilege of working in this industry and I will do all that I can so that there are others like me bringing awareness to our leaders so that they know that people should be respected for their worth everyday. There are no 2nd class citizens and your skin color, sexual preference, gender, or religious beliefs should never be discriminated. For those who believe in the agenda that the Republican presidential nominee brings forth, I will be there to make sure it doesn’t happen. I chose this profession because I thought that I could make a difference and if that means being at the front lines to remind people that we’re all Americans, even when we don’t look a certain way, then you will find me there.

In the meantime, Tuesday Truths!

  • I spend a lot of time reassuring people. Raising money does that to you when you’re looking at an awfully BIG number to make your goals. So there are times when I need to reassure myself that I’m not smoking crack to think that my team and I can achieve a goal or that we’re just badass (because obvi, we are!). Encouragement from within means so much so when you start to hear the obnoxious voice of doubt, learn to listen to the voice that tells you that you’re more than OK.
  • So ignoring my opening for this week’s post, I know that every cycle I reach peak burnout as we collide with the deadline of Election. Adrenaline fuels my get-up-and-go vs the passion that pushes me through to see results. I also go more inward and that results in less time with friends and loved ones. When you think burnout, you think that it will happen in the older years of your life. I felt it when I had my “quarter life crisis” and my entire work ethic was well below it’s usual height. Regardless of industry, watch for the signs and hopefully all of us will recognize how to best retain people in our respective fields so that they continue performing at a level that everyone deems excellent.
  • Looking for mentors and role models can be challenging for women and for communities of color. Here’s a great resource of what to do when you need to improve in a certain area of skill. Observation is key in making mental note of how you want to accomplish tasks and be perceived.

Hope all is well in your world! Thanks for reading/sharing and if you know of someone who thinks these posts are spectacular, ask them to subscribe!

— Madalene




Tuesday Truths 2016 Edition v40

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Congress has left the building! We’re out hustlin’ for the last few weeks until the Election. Silly Season is in full swing and we’re up for all it (just barely!). Register and Vote, people! Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • When you get to be 83 years young, you get to share your thoughts on what’s up with life. Regardless of how you may feel about Notorious RBG, you need to respect that she reached the pinnacle of a law career that many strive to achieve during a time when women didn’t work outside of the home, let alone work in the legal profession. She’s dropping knowledge about being a mother while also attending law school & how collegiality plays a crucial role in bringing differing opinions to the table with respect.
  • I can be on the road a lot and when I travel, I feel the pressure to bring the same kind of work hours to wherever I travel (including trips to the west coast and Hawaii) where the time difference can be killer. I’ve had to wake up at the crack of dawn (beautiful sunrises, Hawaii!) to get onto weekly conference calls because who cares that you’re on the road for another client? It works to my advantage because when I am that far away, I can usually get a lot of work done and the rest of the day is mine because the east coast has already called it a day. I come well stocked with power strips and the usual battery packs to keep my electronic devices juiced up. If you need advice on how to get work done when you travel, especially internationally, visit my friend Tammy Gordon’s post on the 7 things she learned about working abroad.
  • We know that women have a pay disparity to our male colleagues. What happens when you’re a woman and overweight? There is definite discrimination concerning weight and it’s making it more challenging for women to equalize compensation.
  • Women have a tendency to feel imposter syndrome so when you need to find confidence in your work, reach for this article. Ranging from being not afraid to ask to trusting your own vision, each individual has meaningful tips to coax the confidence that we know exists inside each of us.
  • This is one of the BEST articles on networking that I could possibly share. I’m not a high profile person and I get a ton of requests to meet from within my network (my friends and colleagues asking me to meet with their contacts or people think I would have good advice to offer). I’m more than happy to help but there are moments when I can’t even with the people who have met with me and then don’t acknowledge the time that I’ve given to talk with them about professional development. When I’m doing my own networking and I’m asking someone to HELP me, then I’m going to express my gratitude and pay for their coffee/tea/cocktail/lunch for taking the time and educating me on a particular topic. It’s not cool to be a networking parasite so heed these tips!
  • Are you an introvert preparing for a job interview? Here are 4 ways you can harness your energy to have a successful interaction. You can never be overly prepared! People sometimes ask if I feel like “I’m always on” because I joke that I hate people (seriously I don’t) but I’m an ambivert who doesn’t have a problem making small talk (I do that everyday with fundraising) but I really enjoy the company of a small group of friends and just being alone. Imagine trying to be your best self with a group of strangers in an interview? Maybe that’s why I own my own firm LOL 🙂
  • It’s not Wednesday yet but I’m looking forward to my #WCW on Yuh-Line Niou and bonus, she’s in Vogue! #AOFPowerOfShe

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