Tuesday Truths 2016 Edition v40

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Congress has left the building! We’re out hustlin’ for the last few weeks until the Election. Silly Season is in full swing and we’re up for all it (just barely!). Register and Vote, people! Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • When you get to be 83 years young, you get to share your thoughts on what’s up with life. Regardless of how you may feel about Notorious RBG, you need to respect that she reached the pinnacle of a law career that many strive to achieve during a time when women didn’t work outside of the home, let alone work in the legal profession. She’s dropping knowledge about being a mother while also attending law school & how collegiality plays a crucial role in bringing differing opinions to the table with respect.
  • I can be on the road a lot and when I travel, I feel the pressure to bring the same kind of work hours to wherever I travel (including trips to the west coast and Hawaii) where the time difference can be killer. I’ve had to wake up at the crack of dawn (beautiful sunrises, Hawaii!) to get onto weekly conference calls because who cares that you’re on the road for another client? It works to my advantage because when I am that far away, I can usually get a lot of work done and the rest of the day is mine because the east coast has already called it a day. I come well stocked with power strips and the usual battery packs to keep my electronic devices juiced up. If you need advice on how to get work done when you travel, especially internationally, visit my friend Tammy Gordon’s post on the 7 things she learned about working abroad.
  • We know that women have a pay disparity to our male colleagues. What happens when you’re a woman and overweight? There is definite discrimination concerning weight and it’s making it more challenging for women to equalize compensation.
  • Women have a tendency to feel imposter syndrome so when you need to find confidence in your work, reach for this article. Ranging from being not afraid to ask to trusting your own vision, each individual has meaningful tips to coax the confidence that we know exists inside each of us.
  • This is one of the BEST articles on networking that I could possibly share. I’m not a high profile person and I get a ton of requests to meet from within my network (my friends and colleagues asking me to meet with their contacts or people think I would have good advice to offer). I’m more than happy to help but there are moments when I can’t even with the people who have met with me and then don’t acknowledge the time that I’ve given to talk with them about professional development. When I’m doing my own networking and I’m asking someone to HELP me, then I’m going to express my gratitude and pay for their coffee/tea/cocktail/lunch for taking the time and educating me on a particular topic. It’s not cool to be a networking parasite so heed these tips!
  • Are you an introvert preparing for a job interview? Here are 4 ways you can harness your energy to have a successful interaction. You can never be overly prepared! People sometimes ask if I feel like “I’m always on” because I joke that I hate people (seriously I don’t) but I’m an ambivert who doesn’t have a problem making small talk (I do that everyday with fundraising) but I really enjoy the company of a small group of friends and just being alone. Imagine trying to be your best self with a group of strangers in an interview? Maybe that’s why I own my own firm LOL 🙂
  • It’s not Wednesday yet but I’m looking forward to my #WCW on Yuh-Line Niou and bonus, she’s in Vogue! #AOFPowerOfShe

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