Tuesday Truths 2016 Edition v41

This has been a roller coaster ride of an election! Having worked in politics as an operative for over 20 years, this made me re-consider my profession. People already think that I work in a “dirty” business and add to it, I deal with money so that in itself connotes “pay to play” or “quid pro quo”, ideas that I do not advocate within my work (I ain’t going to jail for anyone!). The tone for this election has been unbelievable. I am reminded that in earlier campaigns, prior to email, twitter and all the other social media platforms, days when it was in the halls, pubs and parlors where people gathered, ideas and reputations were defended and propagated, a lot of unkind things were said. Politics has always been a rough and tumble profession. It’s for those who are tough skinned and determined to push forth an agenda that may not be that popular. I think of the disadvantaged and of those who are under represented. I have the privilege of working in this industry and I will do all that I can so that there are others like me bringing awareness to our leaders so that they know that people should be respected for their worth everyday. There are no 2nd class citizens and your skin color, sexual preference, gender, or religious beliefs should never be discriminated. For those who believe in the agenda that the Republican presidential nominee brings forth, I will be there to make sure it doesn’t happen. I chose this profession because I thought that I could make a difference and if that means being at the front lines to remind people that we’re all Americans, even when we don’t look a certain way, then you will find me there.

In the meantime, Tuesday Truths!

  • I spend a lot of time reassuring people. Raising money does that to you when you’re looking at an awfully BIG number to make your goals. So there are times when I need to reassure myself that I’m not smoking crack to think that my team and I can achieve a goal or that we’re just badass (because obvi, we are!). Encouragement from within means so much so when you start to hear the obnoxious voice of doubt, learn to listen to the voice that tells you that you’re more than OK.
  • So ignoring my opening for this week’s post, I know that every cycle I reach peak burnout as we collide with the deadline of Election. Adrenaline fuels my get-up-and-go vs the passion that pushes me through to see results. I also go more inward and that results in less time with friends and loved ones. When you think burnout, you think that it will happen in the older years of your life. I felt it when I had my “quarter life crisis” and my entire work ethic was well below it’s usual height. Regardless of industry, watch for the signs and hopefully all of us will recognize how to best retain people in our respective fields so that they continue performing at a level that everyone deems excellent.
  • Looking for mentors and role models can be challenging for women and for communities of color. Here’s a great resource of what to do when you need to improve in a certain area of skill. Observation is key in making mental note of how you want to accomplish tasks and be perceived.

Hope all is well in your world! Thanks for reading/sharing and if you know of someone who thinks these posts are spectacular, ask them to subscribe!

— Madalene




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