Tuesday Truths 2016 Edition v49

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I’m traveling down a path of change, not necessarily unwanted. Election outcome aside, I’m about to embrace a professional change in my own career so the opportunities that lie ahead of me are ones that will evolve with my own set of goals. I find myself facing a lot of uncertainty, where my professional identity is no longer fixed to the individual elected officials that I once represented. There’s a lot of freedom in re-designing my own brand and I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that await me.

Let’s get to Tuesday Truths!

  • Mindfulness has been a catch phrase when it comes to leadership. How useful is it if people aren’t learning how to use all facets of it? Mindfulness trainings are necessary so that people can learn how to address the 3 essential items to be more successful in leadership.
  • A majority of the people who have worked as associates on my team were usually recent college graduates and my office was their 1st experience in a professional setting. One of the 1st things that happens when joining a team is to earn your manager’s respect. Here are tips where you can make sure that you’re getting recognized for your work and how managers can better communicate their goals so that everyone gets a common result.
  • Looking for more ways to be productive? These slides can help break some mental barriers so that you can have better time management.
  • “It’s better to thank someone for the room they make for you than to apologize for taking up space in their lives.” – casual gratitude can make people feel better and some cases, live longer!
  • One of things that we learn on campaigns is that there are only 3 resources: people, time and money and the most important resource is time. It’s limited and extremely valuable because you can’t get anymore of it. So when you think about your own time, you have to be judicious on how you allocate it. Learning to say no on your time can be daunting so we’e got some ideas on how you can diplomatically decline.
  • When I was in mid twenties, I had my quarter life crisis and as a result, I burned out of politics. I was no longer interested in my selected career and decided to pursue something entirely different. When we work in stressful environments, the possibility of burning out increases so we always need to find personalized solutions to help us avoid the burnout. What do you do so that you can manage your stress?

Thanks for reading/sharing and if you have helpful tips, please let me know!

— Madalene





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