Tuesday Truths 2017 Edition v2

The 115th Congress has been sworn in and we’ve started another year of legislative business. Which basically means, fundraising for 2018 has started as well! For the new members, it means hosting Meet and Greets to introduce themselves to the government affairs representatives and to the DC insiders who see this ritual quite often. For those more experienced members, it means call time to start booking events that will tally toward fundraising goals for the quarter. With a new administration and newly sworn in Congress, the Players may have changed but the dance has stayed the same!

Here’s Tuesday Truths…

  • I always believe that you don’t need a certain date to get started so if you have goals that don’t seem to stick, look to your future self to break the cycle. Small steps each day will create the accountability that you have to yourself to change your perspective of self-control.
  • The only place where I have absolute organization is my kitchen (!!). I could tell you where every single item is located with my eyes closed and when I’m cooking, I am fanatical about cleaning as I go so when I’m finished, my kitchen isn’t a hot mess. Now, if I can do the same with my desk….here’s to going back to my previous post!
  • We know that the Inaugural is almost here and the security blanket that was the Obama administration is coming to a close. Having lived in DC when we had a Republican administration seems like a world away but we’re about to live in a different kind of circumstance. If like me, you thought 2016 was a sh*t year and want to make 2017 better, we’re sharing recommendations on how you can make 2017 better politically.
  • We’re just in the beginning of transition, where people may be taking this opportunity to change jobs (willingly or unwillingly). Should you find yourself in a pro-longed job search situation, you may want to bookmark these tips so that you can stay positive while you’re searching.
  • I have a lot of people in my network who are starting new positions creating teams in offices from scratch. That’s a great feeling when you have a fresh start. How you use it can determine how effective the team will be to weather crisis and be as productive as possible. Here are ways that you can create harmony in the office regardless of whether or not you’re starting fresh (you can help course correct too!). I feel this every time I start with a new client and especially when I worked on campaigns, you create an immediate bond because you know that your team has one another’s backs. That camaraderie pushes offices to innovate and to kick out some killer ideas.

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— Madalene

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