Tuesday Truths 2017 Edition v8

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Spring Training is on its way and we’re doing the same to get ready for the 2017 and 2018 cycle. I’m doing a training in March and will be on the road traveling to 10 other cities so let’s get to recruiting and training! Know of someone who wants to take a campaign management training, hit me up! #RESIST

Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • Taking this personality test, I see myself in 3 out of the 4 leadership types. My predominant feature is likely to be the Leader personality with a heavy dose of People personality with a reluctant but necessary Task personality. My nature is more Free-Spirit vs Task but I know to be successful, I need to curb my tendency to be a little free wheeling. Knowing these personality types may help you as your navigate your office and work to resolve conflicts as well as find ways you can shore up your weaknesses.
  • I’ve shared my philosophy on Giving Zero F*cks and who better to illustrate that than Anthony Bourdain (I think he really has my dream job!). He shares his number one rule for workplace happiness. When it’s out of your control to ensure workplace happiness in the Bourdain fashion, you should at the very least be comfortable in who you are so that you can attain success in the way that best suits you. Knowing your values and what grounds you does wonders in having clarity in how you can work towards your goals.
  • So aside from the crazy of work and this administration is life. There will be moments of joy and extreme moments of sadness. To help friends and colleagues who may need you during those moments of profound sorrow, this article gives you wonderful ways to be that friend who can be counted on as well as make life easier. One of my reminders are my friends who have battled cancer. The initial announcement can bring a torrent of emotion from people who want to show their support & the journey that a person takes when they go through treatment can sometimes be a lonely process so I schedule a note to myself to check in and send a card so that they know that they aren’t alone. I don’t need them to acknowledge the card. I just want them to feel supported.
  • More self care tips – this time from Arianna Huffington! Suggestions to how you can stay engaged while taking time to give your soul a break. We need to recharge to go full steam ahead. It’s bad enough that we have the added layer of constant DJT 24/7 so when you’re trying to balance life in general, you need to step away from work so that you can be a more productive and valuable asset to your organization. I did that today when I was feeling particularly anxious. I had already turned down the opportunity to visit with a friend (even though it was technically a holiday) because I was too busy with work, but I saw the sunshine and felt the warmer temperatures and knew that taking a walk with my favorite furry friend would be a good release for some of that anxiety. Trying to take some of the advice I share!

Thanks for reading/sharing! See you back here next Tuesday!

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