Tuesday Truths 2017 Edition v11

Are you in the throes of March Madness? You must be thinking that I’m talking about basketball – well, no I’m not but I can see how you would 😉 We’re fast approaching the end of the 1st QTR and we’re 1/4 done with 2017 (thank the stars above!). I honestly thought that this year would drag and in actuality, life is moving much faster than I anticipated.

Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • I recently was on a phone conversation with a congressional candidate who was frazzled and obviously was rushing to get to our appointed call, instead of taking the time to prepare for the call. He confused who introduced us and was talking a mile a minute, where I had to interrupt him and ask a basic statement/question, “Let’s start from the beginning. Who are you and what’s your story?”. It’s not the best way to introduce yourself, no matter who is on the receiving end of the dialogue. I’m 2 people removed from him so I don’t need to give him the benefit of the doubt so nailing your introduction is key to starting your conversation. My business is based around providing strategy to those who want to run for office so I’m unusual in that I’ve heard a lot of pitches. Your story may not be as compelling as others but it can be succinct and tight enough for me to ascertain your experience and why you want to run for office. Refining your introduction takes practice and multiple edits to get the right combination of what describes yourself. Lucky for us there are handy dandy templates for non-political situations so you can rock that introduction. Better yet, you can do it in 20 words or less so that you’re not listing your resume but capturing who you really are in a tight message.
  • If you can introduce yourself in 20 words or less, you can also follow the instructions to apply for a job (which would seem pretty basic to those who are applying for an entry level job or any job for that matter). For those who are applying for entry level positions, give these tips a read because it seems from the author’s experience, there are a lot of inexperienced 1st timers out there applying for jobs.
  • Most people are surprised when I say that I’m an introvert because people tend to see me in settings where I’m with crowds of colleagues and others in our industry. They’re right in that I’m not a full blown introvert and likely more an ambivert that does well in an extroverted setting but needs more recharge time as an introvert. With that context, networking can be challenging for those who are fall solidly in the introvert category. Networking is possible in 20 minutes are less. The version of networking described in this article is really about being around people who basically know you and isn’t networking really a way to deepen relationships and get to know people better? I see it as relationship maintenance. You will still need to pay attention to the larger events, but you can network within your existing circle so that you can deepen relationships or get in touch with those who may have not been touched lately. Maintaining these relationships requires active listening and taking action to show that you were actively listening! I read a lot of articles and sometimes those articles appear in Tuesday Truths, but oftentimes I read an article that will matter to someone in particular to my network. I won’t share it in the weekly post but I will email that person a quick note along with the article. It’s a touch that doesn’t demand a lot of time but has high impact.
  • Life would be so much more productive if meetings didn’t exist. I get why meetings are important. Face to face time to review materials creates stronger team spirit. Conference calls that are more than an hour should be in the 5th circle of hell. My teams and I have started to use Slack so that we can reduce emails. I don’t subscribe to Team Email Zero. I am OCD enough to open emails to read them, but I have a horrible habit of waiting a few minutes to respond because I’m caught up in the middle of something else and then, it’s quite possible that I didn’t respond later. People are going to start to wonder if I’m actually as productive as I say I am 🙂 Being more productive at work means also putting a halt to all of the nonsense that creates more work. That can be challenging if you don’t have a leadership role in your organization but if you frame a situation where you can create more efficiency by showing how your management team can get more done, then perhaps you can start to move your team into a more efficient mind frame.
  • We’re living with more anxiety, whether it’s because we’re seeing the adversity of the current environment or we’re (in)directly affected by loved ones being unemployed, loss of a loved one, or serving as a caregiver. Different stages of life can bring added anxiety of facing a less than lukewarm job market regardless if you’re looking for your first job post graduation or you’ve been in the work force for over 20 years. Here are 5 ways you can relieve anxiety so that you can face those challenges with a renewed spirit.

Thanks to all of you who took the readers survey. You want more anecdotes and skills sets so stay tuned for more of what you want! If you haven’t taken the survey, you still can so share your feedback!

See you back here next Tuesday!

— Madalene



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