Tuesday Truths 2017 Edition v12

We’re past March 15th and that means we’re at the end of the month (in my vision of how the calendar works). So much happened last week – Muslim Ban 2.0 released & halted in court, the U.S. government had to apologize to an ally regarding the “wiretapping” of Trump tower, the Trump budget was released and on top of wanting to cut the EPA/the State Department etc.., the administration also wants to cut funding to Meals on Wheels among other programs that affect the country’s most vulnerable. Stay strong – there’s a lot to do to RESIST!

Here’s Tuesday Truths!

  • I recently spoke with a female undergraduate student from my alma mater and commented to her that women tend to want to be 100% qualified for jobs, whether that job is an open position or running for office while men can be less than qualified and still have the confidence to apply for the position. Women applicants are asked how do you juggle motherhood and your career while men rarely get that question. Mothers who are also candidates for elected office are viewed differently than fathers. Traditional caregiving roles are still intact when mothers who run of office are seen as not fulfilling their roles as mothers. At the same time, women candidates are scrutinized for not having children because they aren’t seen as empathetic or as understanding to constituents who do have children. For now, women are always damned regardless of child status.
  • I’m always trying to find ways to be more productive. I write this blog weekly and there are times when I can’t find the time to get it done during the week so I have to spend part of my weekend reading the articles and giving the analysis. This task is definitely related to my work so it should be done during the work week, however it’s so hard to find the time to shut off my phone and not focus on whatever fire is at hand. It’s a bit of a challenge that I’m trying to improve so that I can think creatively and focus on work that requires the most of my brain. I’m typically a morning person so the most difficult tasks should be done during that time of the day. The amount of emails that I send and receive is a crazy amount so I can’t let that be a time suck. My work also requires me to be super detailed oriented (honestly, I think that’s most jobs, right?!) so there are tiny tasks that take up a lot of time. So handling the big hurdles can really make an impact on how the rest of the day goes. Those tiny tasks can be a temptation and it will kill the creativity. You can separate your lists so that you can keep those tasks that take less than 15 minutes on one while the bigger ones are on another. Benjamin Franklin had the 5 hour rule and it allowed him to learn something that was very deliberative. He wasn’t just concerned with the accomplishments but also how that learning would make him better. It’s certainly a different perspective than completing your checklist.
  • When it’s time for a promotion or a performance review, are you prepared to talk about your accomplishments? Have you recorded the metrics of your work and are you prepared to articulate them so that you can show your value to your organization? These factors are important to management recognizing your value so you need to be responsible for your achievements. Highlighting your work isn’t bragging. It’s being self conscious enough to show that there was a metric attained and that you as a member of a team or you were individually responsible for a positive result. Don’t be a worker bee without getting the recognition you deserve.
  • When life gets out of control, I remember that I’m in control of my schedule. Lately, I’ve been a little overly scheduled and I resolved to take back my time. I barely have time that can be considered spontaneous. Included in that equation is that I’m a bit of an introvert so I need time to re-charge after I’ve expended energy in a public event. There are times when I don’t give myself enough time to re-charge and that in itself creates problems. So returning to my mantra of “Giving Zero F*cks”, I’ve realized that I need to protect my time so that I can be a better person and to do it without regret.

What’s up your sleeve this week? Thanks for reading/sharing & see you next Tuesday!

— Madalene






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