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Tuesday Truths 2018 Edition v4

This has been a doozy of a week: government shutdown, women’s march and a marked increase of activism. It’s madness and yet, we believe in our democracy and our right to voice our discontent. As imperfect as it is our government is dependent on the people who drive it (voters and who we elect). If you don’t work in the industries that perpetuate it, feel free to ask questions and get involved in ways that are comfortable to you. Being an active citizen is important to understanding how your neighbors may be struggling or the challenges that people face in different situations. It’s about learning and acknowledging people’s pain. Society is built on interaction and I hope that we can find ways where we can better understand one another.

Here’s Tuesday Truths:

  • I’ve shared a lot about Career Contessa – they have terrific articles on career development. Give them a follow! In the meantime, take a refresher and remind yourself how to get to back to the basics. They’re sharing templates on how to communicate via email, whether it’s to ask for an informational interview or following up with someone that you met at an event. Perfect items to keep in your arsenal.


  • Most of you know that I was the Director of Training for the Democratic Party back in the day & my love of training runs deep. I not only advocate for more women elected leaders/candidates but also more women operatives. To reach those upper echelons, women must also work in roles on the campaigns that can lead to management. My specialization is through fundraising and it’s a skill that is easily transferrable as well as highly regarded in any campaign. A lot of women went through the field route and that helps in management because that’s the basis for how you allocate your resources. Women shouldn’t be pigeon-holed into only the finance positions and those with a fundraising background should be senior leadership meetings. This allows you as a fundraiser to understand that allocation and to see how decisions are made. GET IT MY SISTERS!


  • I was so moved by this piece written by Janelle Harris called “For Colored Girls in Their 30s and 40s Who Feel Life May Have Passed Them By“. Believing in yourself, no matter what stage you are in life is incredibly important to understanding and being true to your story. I want so much to be the cheerleader to those women who want to achieve their own success (however way they define it). Your accomplishments, regardless of how small you think they may be, are the milestones in your journey. No one can take that away from you. Decisions that were made that led to whatever situation can be cross corrected. Be with people who will uplift you and give you the encouragement you need when you’re feeling low. Depend on yourself to be your own friend when you can’t find a listening ear. You drive this train and when you reach your destination, it will be because you believed in your abilities. Your future is yours to create. We’re cheering for you!


  • In that vein (see above) if your dreams change, it’s OK! There are some articles that talk about not sharing your ambitions with others and keeping them close to your vest. I can see the merits of that perspective. It’s my preference to talk it out. I have a million ideas ALL. THE. TIME. How many of them actually come to reality? A good number of the ones that are attainable do come true. The bigger ones that demand real planning, monetary investment & implementation have not. Simply because they are dreams and not necessarily something that I come back to consistently. When you’ve come back consistently to an idea that doesn’t give you any mojo, you may want to re-evaluate if your goals have changed. Here are other signs that your dreams may have changed.


  • This is a long read and well worth it. Who doesn’t want to a guide to building successful teams? It seems logical & simple and yet it’s not. If you’ve experienced poor management and back stabbing colleagues, then you understand that no matter the size of the organization, setting the example starts from the top. Key takeaways: have a plan, respect your colleagues, metrics are essential, and accountability. Easy peasy, right?


  • Did you know that your brain has a delete button? I’ve started to recognize that I no longer remember (let’s be honest, care) about certain aspects of my job because I no longer have a steel trap memory. I was placing blame on me getting old (#truth) and after I read the article, I realized that my brain was simply deleting the parts that I no longer needed to use. Why exactly am I remembering the name of the lobbyist who handles a certain association when I no longer engage with them? The author equated the brain’s function as part of pruning as you do when you garden. I’ve always had a horrible time keeping plants alive so this may be the one time where I’m actually successful in gardening.


That’s it for this week! Let me know if you have any topics you’d like for me to cover. Appreciate your readership and please share with your network!

— Madalene


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